hofele golf v Hofele Design VW Golf V GTI

Hofele-Design VW Golf V GTI

Hofele-Design is a innovative company in the product-range of car-accessories with international markets and supply to important car-producers and trade-companies worldwide. The special interest goes to the brands „Audi“ and „VW“. Specially for this brands „Hofele-Design-Edition“ was created.

High-Tech accessories, made in best materials, created, developed and produced with the best actual standards, with sportive, noble elegance define the Hofele Brand.

hofele golf v back Hofele Design VW Golf V GTI

This is not the first kit Hofele-Desing lanched to fit the VW Golf V, but it is for sure the most impressive. To tune the VW Golf GTI, Hofele-Design has now available a front bumper with 2 big air intakes, side skirts, also with air intakes and a rear apron to use with sports muffler.

hofele golf v muffler Hofele Design VW Golf V GTI

To increase power and looks there is also available a 4 tube sports muffler. The spots muffler has two oval tailpipes left & right with different diameter of 1x84mm + 1x90mm. It is suitable for the 2.0 FSI Turbo but only to be mounted in combination with the rear apron.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Hofele Design VW Golf V GTI

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