gen2 4withswitch 600x356 HPA Motorsports Illustrates Haldex Power Transfer on AWD Dyno

HPA Motorsports Illustrates Haldex Power Transfer on AWD Dyno

With many years of experience performing AWD conversions and tuning VW/Audi’s 4-motion offerings, the team at HPA Motorsports has been at the forefront of bringing innovative Haldex Performance Controllers to the market.

“The HPA-exclusive Gen 1 Competition Controller (affectionately known as Agent Orange among the Mk4 R32 crowd) is still a popular item in our arsenal”, says HPA President Marcel Horn, “but the new Gen 2 and Gen 4 Switchable Controllers are truly amazing.”

The late model Haldex systems use a more sophisticated coupler which allows for even faster reaction times. The electronic architecture of the Gen 2 and Gen 4 Performance Controllers facilitate the ability to load multiple programs.
By default, the Gen 2 Performance Controller (for Mk5 R32, early Mk2 TT, A3, etc) runs in Sport mode. With the added installation of a special cable and switch, access to Stock, Sport, and Race mode are unlocked.

New to the market is the Gen 4 Haldex Performance Controller for late 2009 and 2010+ models equipped with OBR, OBS, OAY, and OBY, rear Haldex couplings. The Gen 4 unit runs in Race mode by default, and with the cable, the driver can switch between Stock, Race, and a new Eco mode on the fly.

Eco mode was developed for increased fuel efficiency. Its purpose is to reduce the torque transfer from front to rear during normal highway driving (coasting), but will immediately engage the system if a wheel starts to slip to prevent decreased traction situations. This mode is recommended to be used when 4 wheel drive is not a high priority.

haldexoverlay HPA Motorsports Illustrates Haldex Power Transfer on AWD Dyno

Many people wonder just how much power each mode transfers to the rear axle… With HPA’s new high tech AWD Superflow dyno, they were able illustrate the effective power transfer to the wheels in all three modes. The test vehicle was a turbo charged Mk5 R32 and the graphs show just how much of the total wheel HP is being delivered to each of the front and rear wheels across these three modes with a ratio varying from 75:25 to nearly 50:50 front to rear.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 HPA Motorsports Illustrates Haldex Power Transfer on AWD Dyno

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