vwpolohr H&R Polo GTI: The dynamic wolf in sheeps clothing

H&R Polo GTI: The dynamic wolf in sheep’s clothing

Modern and innocent it looks at the world through its headlamps but under the small car garb a 180 PS engine and a 7-gear double clutch transmission are just waiting for their step. Almost as fast as the small car sprints, the developers of H&R were on the spot with suspension components to increase its dynamics.

The sporty characteristics of this small car were improved with the spring sets without perceptibly reducing the driving comfort. Furthermore, a lowering of 20 millimetres on the front and 30 millimetres on the rear or optionally 30 millimetres on the front combined with 45 millimetres on the rear really suits this super Polo.

Lovers of fast curves are well served with the height adjustable H&R Monotube coilover suspension. This dynamic design can only be topped with the optional and soon available H&R stabilizers.

Highlights can also be gained with the TRAK+ wheel spacers made of high tensile aluminum alloy. Regardless of whether they are combined with OE or tuned wheels. The often unsightly gap between the wheel arch and tyre shoulder can thus be consigned to a thing of the past.

The complete H&R product range available for over 1,350 different vehicle types can be found at all good specialist dealers and along with the usual H&R quality also always comes with a model approval certificate or a TÜV certificate of conformity for parts.

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