H&R Releases Ultra-light Premium Coilovers

hrpremium H&R Releases Ultra light Premium Coilovers H&R continues its innovative design and manufacture of new suspension technologies with the introduction of Premium Performance Coil-Overs. These new coil overs feature Aluminum front struts that significantly reduce unsprung weight. Weight is reduced 30 to 40%over stock struts. Reduced unsprung weight improves suspension articulation resulting in optimized performance and ride. The Aluminum struts are black hard anodized for strength and beauty. All other features are the same as the famous H&R Street Performance Coil Overs.

The new Premium Coil Overs are available for popular Volkswagen applications. Featuring H&R’s exclusive damper technology, each shock is specifically engineered to work smoothly with the progressive rate springs. The new H&R Coil-Overs will give your car superb comfort, performance and German style.

Like all of H&R’s products, H&R Coil-Overs are 100% made in Germany and use inductively tempered spring steel for unparalleled tensile strength and resiliency, allowing the use of a smaller wire diameter for reduced unsprung weight. H&R Coil-Over shocks are hand made monotube gas charged dampeners to maximize service life and performance. H&R is an A1 level product supplier to the automotive industry.

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