HR VW Touareg 628x356 H&R VW Touareg: Driving Pleasure for every Occasion

H&R VW Touareg: Driving Pleasure for every Occasion

According to VW the Touareg loves every road: confident in the open country, spirited on tarmac, refined in comfort. In addition the new Touareg has around 208 kg less than its predecessor surely not a disadvantage for the longitudinal and lateral dynamics of this large Volkswagen.

H&R Spezialfedern is supporting this design with lowering springs of around 40 millmetres. The SUV gains even more dynamism with these.

The steering harmonises perfectly with the H&R suspension set and follows every command of the driver with unbelievable precision. The vehicle’s rolling motion is reduced to an absolute minimum without perceptibly detracting from the comfort.

An electronic lowering system (ETS) for the air-suspension cars will soon be available, too.

An additional highlights can be achieved from the H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers made of high tensile aluminium regardless of whether they are combined with works or tuned wheels.

The often unsightly gap between the wheel arch and the edge of the wing can thus be visually perfected.

The full range of H&R products is available for over 1,350 different types of vehicles at all good dealers and along with the expected H&R quality comes with a general operating permit (ABE) or TÜV certificate of conformity for parts (Teilegutachten).

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