inpro LED Golf VI on´s new LED tail lights for the new Golf´s new LED tail lights for the new Golf

It is the details that makes the difference and things desirable. With new LED tail lights, gives the Golf VI a completely individual character.

The press picture shows the original rear lights with conventional bulbs on the right, and the version from with modern LED technology on the left. The difference is striking: with the same coloured casing (red/white) the upgraded version seems to have a greater presence, be classier and in short more tempting. The highlight is the trapezoid-shaped light diode pattern, it gives the Golf VI the decisive dash of dynamism. Not cool enough? In this case the brand new black version of the rear lights from is the right option.

inpro LED Golf VI product 550x269´s new LED tail lights for the new Golf

But the products impress not just stylistically in flow with the body lines: contrary to conventional bulbs the diodes react much quicker, which is particularly important when braking. After all, no-one likes an unwanted visit in the rear of their car. Golf drivers do not just value a stylistic appearance, but also safety and practicality. Here offers the particularly long durability of LEDs, which are built to last as long as the car – and in addition they are also more economical than conventional lights. And in spite of their hot appearance, from a technical point of view they still remain cool.

pinit fg en rect gray 20´s new LED tail lights for the new Golf

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