Indigo™ Gauge family by NewSouth Performance

indigo gauges Indigo™ Gauge family by NewSouth Performance NewSouth Performance, LLC adds to the Indigo™ gauge family with an upgraded boost/vacuum gauge for turbocharged VWs and a Voltmeter. The upgraded boost gauges increases the maximum boost by 5 PSI, to measure 30 in hg for vacuum and 30 PSI for boost. The 30 PSI range takes care of cars with larger turbos and more aggressively modified software.

The new Indigo™ Voltmeter’s 8-18 volt range and 270° sweep of makes it easy to keep an eye on the condition of your car’s electrical performance. Like all the other Indigo™ gauges, the Voltmeter matches the instrumentation of the 1999+ Volkswagens, It is prewired and comes with all the hardware needed for installation.

Using the identical LEDs that light the Mk4/Mk5/B6/B7 Volkswagen instrument panel, the Indigo™ gauges are a new, cost-effective option for VW enthusiasts.

With details such as a lighted red needle, a backlit black gauge face, and lettering that matches the instrumentation, the Indigo™ gauges will give you that factory look.

Pre-wired and complete with connectors, and fittings, the Indigo™ boost gauge is an economic and simple solution for matching your Volkswagen instrumentation.
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