IDF020 2 628x356 INNFAB Tubular Subframe kit for Mk4 Golf and Jetta

INNFAB Tubular Subframe kit for Mk4 Golf and Jetta

UroTuning is proud to introduce the all new Tubular Subframe from INNFAB for the VW Mk4 Golf / Jetta models.

The INNFAB VW MK4 tubular subframe is a high strength light weight replacement of the factory subframe with raised suspension geometry.

The control arm mounts and steering rack are raised 1″ to help restore the optimal suspension geometry that is lost when lowering the ride height of the vehicle. The raised geometry also provides additional ground clearance as it sits higher than the unibody frame rails of the car.

IDF020 3 INNFAB Tubular Subframe kit for Mk4 Golf and Jetta

It includes a billet aluminum transmission mount that can be flipped for use with and without motor mount spacers. If performance and low center of gravity is your ultimate goal, the subframe can be installed with the motor in the stock position. If you are looking to raise the motor for increased ground clearance and low ride height drivability, the transmission mount can be flipped and installed along with motor mount spacers.

The installation is bolt on with some minimal trimming required. The opening in the firewall for the steering mount shaft needs enlarged approximately 1/4″. Large enough to allow the steering rack to move up 1″ up into the opening. The subframe includes a provision for mounting the factory or aftermarket sway bar. The OEM subframe and transmission mount weigh 26.04 lbs while the innfab tubular subframe and transmisison mount weighs 18.25 lbs; a weight savings of 7.79 lbs.

IDF020 1 INNFAB Tubular Subframe kit for Mk4 Golf and Jetta

Compatible with OEM control arms as well as INNFAB tubular control arms. For those on air aiming to lay the unibody on the ground, other than adequate struts and wheel clearance, we recommend our control arms, because the stock control arms may bind/ hit the unibody. The car must also be notched on both sides for the axles, and the tie rods must be notched for or modified to allow clearance.

All necessary hardware for installation included.

NOTE: The subframe could also be installed in a non-raised configuration with additional Spacers and alternate hardware. This would leave the control arm mounting positions and steering rack in their stock positions and require no modifications.

Visit Urotuning for mode details.

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