je eos kit front open 550x356 JE DESIGN is styling the new VW “Eos”

JE DESIGN is styling the new VW “Eos”

After JE DESIGN offered a discrete modification together with increased performance a few weeks ago just in time for the presentation of the new VW “Eos” convertible sports coupé, the Leingarten-based tuner is already upping the ante. The “Eos” is mutating from a “conventional” vehicle to a sensational car thanks to a complete JE DESIGN aerodynamics kit!

Aerodynamic parts all around
JE DESIGN corrects the somewhat oversized “eyes” on the Polo with headlight screens. With a narrowed vision, the JE DESIGN “Eos” goes looking for its rivals. But they would be anything but impressed with the conventional and standard front. So JE DESIGN gave it a front spoiler, which picks up on the original design and gives the front end a more impressive appearance. The two-piece spoiler blade with a carbon look, attached to the JE front spoiler, gives off the scent of the racetrack. The pair of side sills with air inlets provides an optical lower suspension of the body. Because most people will only get a view of the rear of the car, JE DESIGN makes sure that the people being passed will at least have something nice to look at. A rear wing that diminishes the lift crowns the trunk lid. In addition, there is also a rear apron attachment in a carbon look with a diffuser that is suitable for use with the 4-pipe muffler offered by JE DESIGN. As an option, there is also the rear apron attachment without the carbon look.

je eos kit back JE DESIGN is styling the new VW “Eos”

Added power
Because you can never have enough power, JE DESIGN gives the 2.0 TDI and 2.0 TFSI engine models a little extra horsepower. As a result, the diesel engine delivers approx. 130 kW/176 hp (standard: 103 kW/140 hp) at 4000 RPM. You can pass other cars quickly thanks to the 405 Nm. The added power also affects the top speed: 212 km/h compared to 206 km/h for the standard model. Naturally, that also improves acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h. A time of 10.3 seconds is reduced to 9.2 seconds. The TFSI also takes on wings. The turbo gasoline-engine car delivers approx. 180 kW/244 hp at 5100 RPM (standard: 147 kW/200 hp) once the engine timing has been modified. 280 Nm is increased to 355, and a speed of 232 km/h is increased to 239. Acceleration from 0 to 100 is achieved in 7 seconds, an improvement of 8/10. Of course, the engines still satisfy the AU regulations. And as is expected of a serious tuner, JE DESIGN delivers the increased performance with TÜV technical component reports.

The lower suspension set, which lowers the “Eos” by about 30 mm, promises better road handling. Alternatively, JE DESIGN also offers coilover suspensions (adjustment range of 35-65 mm).

The 19-inch “Multispoke” rims in 8x19ET 45 with 235/35 R 19 tires round out the overall picture perfectly. JE DESIGN offers more elegant rim sets in shadow-silver or in SLC chrome. “Multispoke” rims in 7.5×18 ET 45 with 235/40 R 18 tires or 7.0 x 17 ET 45 with 235/45 R 17 Y tires are optionally available.

je eos kit back silencer JE DESIGN is styling the new VW “Eos”

On request, JE DESIGN can install a 330x28mm 4-piston sports brake system on the front axel for improved deceleration, thereby making a valuable contribution to driving safety.

Because the sound of the standard “Eos” is nothing to sing about, why not consider having the JE DESIGN muffler system added to the order sheet? JE DESIGN offers the system, which is made of corrosion-resistant high-grade steel and equipped with two 90-mm tail pipes.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 JE DESIGN is styling the new VW “Eos”

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