JE Polo 6R tuning 8 628x356 JE DESIGN with entire programme for the Polo

JE DESIGN with entire programme for the Polo

Once again, JE DESIGN confirms that they are one of the fastest tuners. The experts from Leingarten in Germany already developed an own programme for the new VW Polo.

Customers seeking to have a more individual, dynamic look will inevitably choose the suitable body kit by JE DESIGN. The company delivers its components in the usual OEM-quality. That means that the material is made of high-quality ABS. As all components are CNC-milled, perfect fit is guaranteed. The kit for 1528 Euro including VAT includes the front spoiler with central spoiler sword in carbon look which already renders real verve when it is still parked.

JE Polo 6R tuning 5 628x471 JE DESIGN with entire programme for the Polo

The “fierce look” comes from the headlight blends and the powerful profile is enhanced with the side skirts. The rear skirt lip in carbon look is perfectly adjusted to the other parts and completes the aerodynamics kit. The rear skirt lip embraces the stainless steel double pipe of the sports muffler at the centre while the latter renders the appropriate sound to the latest appearance (599 Euro).

JE Polo 6R tuning 6 628x471 JE DESIGN with entire programme for the Polo

A main attraction is the LED daytime running light which is fitted to the vehicle front via an air inlet blend (entire set for 399 Euro). This registration-free LED daytime running light has two functions: when the dipped head lights are on, the LEDs are dimmed into parking light mode (position light). This renders a special night-look. When the dipped head light mode is off, the LEDs sparkle brighter in the daytime light mode and therefore improve the traffic safety.

JE Polo 6R tuning 4 628x471 JE DESIGN with entire programme for the Polo

The lowering springs are made for combination with the original shock absorbers (149 Euro). They lower the new polo by 35 millimetres and therefore bring more drive dynamic agility. Also the overall look is enhanced by this measure, as the little VW now seems significantly lower and looks far more daring. Customers seeking an even sportier look can opt for the KW coilover suspension made of stainless steel which can lower the car up to 65 millimetres (929 Euro).

JE Polo 6R tuning 02 628x471 JE DESIGN with entire programme for the Polo

Upgrading the wheels is elementary in automobile tuning. For its Polo programme, JE DESIGN offers the sporty-elegant wheel design “Multispoke“ which consists of entire wheel sets. JE DESIGN offers them in either 7×17 inches ET 35 or 7.5×18 inches ET 35 with tyres measuring 215/40 R17 or 215/35 R18. Moreover, the customer can choose between the finishes “shadow silver“ (in 17 inches altogether for 1809 Euro, in 18 inches for 1929 Euro) or “black matt/silver rim bead” (in 17 inches for 2260 Euro, in 18 inches for 2380 Euro). Also, an individual finish is available, e.g. in black matt with a bead in the car colour (see pictures). JE DESIGN will disclose the individual prices on demand.

JE Polo 6R tuning 7 628x471 JE DESIGN with entire programme for the Polo

In contrast to the extremely dynamic outer look of the car, the interior is especially luxurious. The leather equipment Elegance (1599 Euro) turns the cockpit into a noble travel centre. Also the steering wheel (399 Euro), the gear shift skirt and the hand break cuff (together for 179 Euro) are lined with finest leather. The colour of the leather and the seam can be chosen freely and therefore individually selected – as seen on the photographs, also ultra-suede is available in various types. Special seam stitches, as e.g. “Diamond Cut” (see images) perfect the interior – even without any surcharge. JE DESIGN offers even more individuality with embroidering a logo according to customer preference into the backrests of the front seats (79 Euro).

JE Polo 6R tuning 01 628x471 JE DESIGN with entire programme for the Polo

For even more comfort, there is a two-stage seat heating (379 Euro), electrically adjustable lordosis support for back-friendly travels (319 Euro) or the massage system in the seats (429 Euro) where the driver can indulge into a silent massage offering twelve programmes and six massage hubs.

And if there is a demand for enhancing the performance, JE DESIGN can help soon. Performance enhancements for all Diesel- and TSI-engines are already in development.


All parts are suitable for the practical five-door Polo, but also for the sporty three-door model. Of course, JE DESIGN delivers all components with a general operating licence or a component part certificate by the Technical Control Board (TÜV).

For more information about the extensive programme by JE DESIGN, please visit the web site

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