jic golf 4 coilover JIC Cross Competition Coilovers Volkswagen Golf IV

JIC Cross Competition Coilovers Volkswagen Golf IV

The Competition Series is JIC’s top of the line coilover system. It features a lightweight design with a 15 way dampening adjustable monotube damper. With its high strength and durability, the Competition Series insures that it will last through any type of driving condition.

The front damper features a 40 mm piston and the rear has either a 40 or 45mm piston depending on application. The ride height adjustability is independent from the spring perch so adjusting ride height does not compromise the spring rate or rebound and compression of the damper. The price for this product is around $2500 you can find then on vivid racing website.

All coilover systems come with a cool bend linear spring that offer last precision steering and handling. Spring rates are also custom tailored to each system and driver’s preference. All Competition Series coilovers include front camber adjustable pillow ball upper mounts and most rear includes pillow ball mounts depending on application. Larger luxury vehicles have a softer damper for a sporty luxury feel and also allowing a lower ride height. Based off of racing technology, the Competition Series Coilover is a street performance suspension, customizable for full track use.

PILLOW BALL UPPER MOUNTS: Included for some vehicles for the front and some for rear application. Adjustable camber plate also included for most vehicle front applications with Macpherson Strut suspension systems. Some applications may come with a rubber bushing uppermount.

COOL BEND LINEAR SPRING: Linear rate spring manufactured using chrome silicon metal alloy with a cool bend process to prevent sag or loss of spring rate. Each kit comes with various spring rates that are available for more of a custom set up.

HIGH STRENGTH INVERTED MONTOTUBE: This unique design features a 40mm piston with a one of a kind bumpstop design incased inside th damper. The walls of the shock casing is lined with crase so that the absorber body can easily move along inside the shock casing body. There are also two thrust bearings to protect the absorber body.

HELPER SPRING: Select CROSS coilovers come with helper springs to aid in streetability of the coilovers. Also allows for a wider range of higher spring rates and for a smoother ride.

ADJUSTABLE DAMPENING: Available for all applications with 15 ways adjustability. With this feature, you are able to tune your suspension dampening up to your spec.

DURABLE MONOTUBE DESIGN: High pressure nitrogen gas filled monotube design with special stable viscosity index oil that will not be affected by wide temperature changes. Therefore, heat does not affect the performance capabilities. 40mm and 45mm pistons are used on certain applications.

ADJUSTABLE LOWER BRACKET: More durable than factory brackets with adjustable ride height ranging from 0.5″ to 2.5″ drop without sacrificing the suspension travel. Made of either high grade steel or high strength aluminum.

About JIC
Currently located in Downey, CA, JIC USA strives to develop the most high tech and high performance products out in the market. With a large warehouse, expanded sales room floor, spacious conference room, and state of the art R&D garage, JIC USA has all the necessary facilities to operate at an optimal rate. JIC USA is ready and looking forward to the new range of high performance vehicle along with improving on the already vast applications that they carry. From Hondas to Porsche, JIC USA is here to make it happen.

JIC USA is also a proud company that aggressively competes in Time Attacks and Drifting events to demonstrate the vast capabilities of JIC products. From the nimble Honda Civic that competed in Japan’s Touring Races to the high horsepower Porsche 996 street/time attack machine, JIC USA has been able to cover the wide range of vehicle that are high performance. Currently, JIC USA has a large fleet of racing vehicles for all types of motorsports ranging from Drag Racing, Drifting, and Time Attacks. JIC USA looks for many ways to innovate today’s high performance vehicles and transform them into a machine of perfection.

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