KW Golf7 Front 01 628x356 KW coilovers for the new Volkswagen Golf VII

KW coilovers for the new Volkswagen Golf VII

With the three available KW coilover suspensions Variant 1, Variant 2 and Variant 3+ made of stainless steel, KW dedicates to the new VW Golf VII. The stainless KW coilovers allow a continuous lowering within the TÜV-tested adjustment range of 35 – 65 mm. The KW coilovers Variant 2 can be adjusted in addition to the lowering also for a more comfortable or tighter damper setting via the adjustable rebound damping with 16 clicks. Even more driving dynamic adjustment possibilities are provides by the KW coilovers Variant 3+. In addition to the rebound with 16 clicks, the performance-oriented VW Golf VII driver can also adjust the compression damping with twelve clicks. So he can significantly affect the handling characteristics and driving behavior of his VW Golf VII.

A significant increase of driving dynamics and safety in connection with a stylish lowering is what the KW coilovers in stainless steel finish allow. Now they are also available for the new VW Golf VII, which is based on the modular transverse matrix (MQB), just like many other models of the Volkswagen Group. “Besides to the Volkswagen Golf VII, also the new Skoda Octavia, Seat Leon and Audi A3 are built on the new cross-model platform,” said KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker. “Another new feature of VW is that the new VW Golf and VW Beetle are currently available with two different rear axle constructions: models with less than 90 kW (122 hp) engine power are produced by Volkswagen with a modular lightweight axle / torsion beam axle. For more powerful vehicles, a multi-link suspension is used”. The KW coilovers for the VW Golf VII of course are available for all axle constructions and convince with their vehicle-specific basic setup. The KW coilover kit Variant 1 with its preconfigured KW damper setup offers an optimized balance of sportiness and practicality. For those who not only want to lower their VW Golf VII, will find with KW coilovers Variant 2 the possibility to further adjust the KW damper basic setup to the from VW approved wheel / tire – combinations and motor performance. “With 16 precise clicks directly on the upper piston rod end, the rebound damping can be varied.” So everyone can adjust the KW coilovers Variant 2 stiffer or more comfortable. This makes sense especially when you change the wheel / tire – combination from the alloy wheels offered by Volkswagen.

Performance pure: the KW coilover kit Variant 3+

The perfect symbiosis of more driving dynamics, practicality and adjustment possibilities is provided by the KW coilovers Variant 3+ for the VW Golf VII. With the coilovers which are also made of stainless steel, in addition to a continuous lowering, also a separate rebound and compression damping adjustment is possible. “Our KW coilover kit Variant 3+ is the ideal performance accessory for the VW Golf VII”, said KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker. “It allows to individually adjust the vehicle-specific KW basic setup.” For example, the KW bottom valve which is adjustable in twelve clicks in the low speed-range of the compression damping gives the VW Golf VII driver the scope, to even consider the tire characteristics of high- and ultra-high-performance street tires.

KW Golf7 Heck 01 628x418 KW coilovers for the new Volkswagen Golf VII

With the patented compression adjustment at the lower piston end of the stainless steel housing, not even tools are required. With the adjustable compression damping, it can specifically be taken influence on body roll and rolling movements, without having to change the rebound damping which is optimally matching the spring rate. The rebound with its adjustment range of 16 clicks allows to directly influent the handling and comfort. When the rebound force is increased by the adjustment wheel, the body movements are reduced. The VW Golf VII then drives with more directional stability and at increased cornering speeds it will have even more stability. If you for example change the by KW approved wheel / tire combination to larger wheels, the handling of the Golf can perfectly be adjusted to the new alloy wheels.

The continuous lowering of all KW coilovers for the VW Golf VII have to be made on the dirt-resistant stainless steel trapezoid thread directly on the stainless steel strut. At the front axle, the Golf can be lowered within the TÜV-tested adjustment range of 35 to 65 mm. At the rear axle, the adjustment of the vehicle height has to be made directly at the rear axle height adjustment also in the range of 35 to 65 mm.

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