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Lazer Lamps ‘Let There Be Light’

The range of aftermarket lighting rigs and setups available for the VW T5 has never been greater, so much so that picking the kit that’s best suited to your needs can be a fairly daunting process! One of the more most recent additions to this hotly contested market has already proven to be incredibly popular, the Bespoke Grille and Lamp Kit from the LED lighting gurus at Lazer Lamps. With this in mind, and to see just what’s required when installing one of these highly regarded kits, we headed along to Forge Motorsport to see them fit one to their own T5 work van.

Consisting of a pair of the firm’s proven ST4 high output, low-energy draw LED light units, all required wiring and a bespoke Zunsport grille, the kit is very much a complete solution for any T5 owner seeking drastically improved light emission and enhanced active safety. The ST4 has carved out an excellent reputation in recent years, its small size and light weight accompanied by exceptional light emission capabilities, not to mention other Lazer Lamps trademarks like extreme strength and an easy fitment process. T5s fitted with the Bespoke Grille Kit will obviously be far better equipped for night time driving, the LED’s able to emit a powerful, piercing beam of high quality, white light, making them perfect for those owners seeking to use their vans for work. Indeed, the addition of the ST4s will imbue any T5 with an important layer of added functionality, particularly for those that work in low light, potentially hostile conditions. Those that like to ‘press on’ a bit will be able to see further, and therefore go faster, and when it comes to setting up on a dark camping field, these lamps tick a few boxes.

laserlamps vw t5 1 Lazer Lamps  ‘Let There Be Light’

Proven on the world’s fastest competition cars, competition spec Lazer Lamps can be found on cars from the likes of Bentley, Audi, and McLaren – and Ford’s own M-Sport factory rally Fiestas. In short, they’re built to take the rigours of top-level competition, so they’re more than likely to be able the average work day or camping trip.

It’s important to note that, despite this fact – and being incredibly bright, the ST4s included in the kit are completely road legal. This is down to fully ‘E-marked’ and Brussels-friendly optics allowing the kit to be wired directly into the main beam feed, with the electronics, build quality, and reliability all falling well within the exacting parameters of most EU countries’ laws, including the UK.

laserlamps vw t5 Lazer Lamps  ‘Let There Be Light’

While it goes without saying that the light emission properties are the kit’s biggest selling point, it’s also true that the Bespoke Grille and Lamp package has the ability to lend any T5 it’s fitted to with added purpose. Partly this is down to the sheer brightness of the LEDs themselves, but the intelligent design of the grille (a Zunsport trademark) also plays a part. Zunsport design and supply grilles to some of the most desirable OEM concerns around, so their abilities and credentials are beyond reproach. The kit has also been carefully designed so as to not compromise the thermal efficiency of the van or its engine. In practice this means that T5s with it fitted will suffer no drop off in engine bay cooling, a point that’s of particular importance to those with tuned, high-performance vans.

Fitting The Lazer Lamps Bespoke Grille and Lamp Kit

Physically fitting the grille kit is a simple process, one that can be comfortably and safely undertaken (and indeed carried out) by anyone with a basic set of tools. As with all electrical jobs, it’s always best to disconnect the battery until you are ready to test fit!

1) Mask the area immediately around the OE grille aperture. This will prevent accidental chips and paintwork abrasions while the grille kit is fitted.

2) Unbox the grille kit and check that all wiring runs correctly out of the back of the grille, that all plugs are present and that no damage has occurred during transit.

3) Carefully remove the OEM grille using the standard mounting points.

4) Use a pair of cutters to carefully snip two of the plastic spars used to mount the OE grille to the front bumper. These need to be removed in order for the new grille assembly to be fitted correctly. A hacksaw blade is the best bet for the thicker grille sections.

5) Gently offer up the Lazer Lamps grille to the T5’s grille aperture, trimming and sanding the grille if need be. Take care to run the plugs and wires carefully through the rear of the grille.

6) Guide the upper centre bracket through the grille aperture, then guide the lower-centre bracket behind the aperture. Check that everything is in place correctly before re-attaching using the four retaining screws provided.

7) Carefully splice the wiring loom included within the kit into the OEM loom, having located the feed for the main beam – then use a voltmeter to ensure that it functions correctly before splicing. This is one area that’s good to call a talented mate if you get stuck!

8) Stand back and admire your handiwork – and have more fun at night in the process…


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