loba fuel pump LOBA 2.0 TFSI High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade

LOBA 2.0 TFSI High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade

Modification of the 2.0T FSI engine far beyond OEM power levels requires an additional volume of high-pressure fuel especially in the midrange of the powerband. Tuned vehicles burn more fuel, which at a certain performance level can no longer be supplied by a standard high pressure fuel pump.

The LOBA 2.0 TFSI high pressure fuel pump will give a fuel volume increase of more than 50% and can sustain over 130 bar making it the biggest flowing pump on the market. This pump meets the very high requirements needed for the latest generation of OEM HPFP specifications.

Loba tested the High pressure fuel pump to over 8500rpm both in a controlled environment and on the track/road to simulate a large range of dynamic conditions.

Doing so was an important part of Loba’s mechanical design parameters to ensure the LOBA pump meets the highest standards, the result is reliability, durability, performance.

LOBA HPFP is assembled with a special chemical anti-wear and anti-friction lubricant for initial start up protection.

The LOBA high pressure fuel pump comes brand new, pre-assembled, fully checked, tested and ready for installation.

TFSI High Pressure Fuel Pump features

  • Higher pressure levels, higher flow rates
  • The appearance is nearly identical to that of an OEM pump
  • Hardened cylinders and pistons made from a special alloy
  • Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated pistons
  • Developed and produced by LOBA Motorsport

For additional details, please visit: Loba Motorsports

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