Weitec VW Golf VII GTI 001 02 628x356 Lowering with style: Weitec Fahrwerktechnik Kits

Lowering with style: Weitec Fahrwerktechnik Kits

For cars like BMW 1-series, Opel Astra J and VW Beetle, Weitec Fahrwerktechnik made by KW now has new coilovers in program. These kits allow an approved lowering of up to 70 mm and convince with a sporty-harmonic damping characteristic. Weitec also has sport springs available for the new VW Golf VII GTI.

With its sporty-harmonic damping characteristics, the new Weitec coilover GT ensures more driving dynamics. The Weitec suspensions are developed and manufactured directly at KW and convince at the BMW 1-series, Opel Astra J and VW Beetle especially with an optimal balance of comfort and sportiness. The original struts only have to be replaced by the galvanized Weitec coilover struts, and after this easy installation, the rolling motion during compression are reduced. The BMW 1-series can be continuously lowered at the front axle by 25 – 50 mm and 30 – 50 mm at the rear axle with GT coilovers from Weitec. For the Opel Astra J, the scope of continuous lowering on both axles is among 35 and 65 mm, and for the VW Beetle from 40 – 70 mm at the rear and 35 – 65 mm and the front axle.

Weitec sport springs – the affordable alternative for more individuality

Drivers who want to emphasize the sportiness of their chosen wheels on their new VW Golf VII GTI, Peugeot 208 GTi or even the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class with an understated lowering, will find the perfect accessory with Weitec sport springs. These springs perfectly harmonize with the respective series dampers and reduce body movements at strong steering manoeuvres when avoiding an obstacle or at fast cornering. For example, the Weitec springs allow a lowering of 30 mm on both axles at the new Golf GTI. As an alternative there is also a set of springs with a lowering of 20/20 mm available. If the sporty appearance of the Peugeot 208 GTi shall be highlighted, Weitec Fahrwerktechnik in cooperation with KW has also developed spring kits for this model. The GTi from France has a 20 mm lower centre of gravity on both axles after replacing the standard springs by Weitec lowering springs. For the latest Mercedes-Benz A-Class the Mercedes-Fan can choose between the Weitec springs for a lowering of 30/30 mm (front/rear) or 30 mm front and 15 mm rear in case the A-Class has a standard sports suspension.

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