corrado exhaust 5 628x356 Milltek Classic VW Corrado VR6 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

Milltek Classic VW Corrado VR6 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

Milltek Classic has released a hand-finished, British-made performance exhaust system for the VW Corrado VR6. This upgrade is the perfect enhancement for those enthusiasts looking for more power and an unbelievable soundtrack from their VR6, whilst still keeping things tasteful and in-keeping, from an aesthetic viewpoint.

Milltek Classic’s stainless steel performance exhaust system is one of the simplest ways to improve the car’s performance. It offers a much more efficient route for the exhaust gasses to escape from the cylinders which translates to greater performance and efficiency throughout the rev-range. Tests show an 8-10% improvement in power in addition to a useful weight saving.

corrado exhaust 6 Milltek Classic VW Corrado VR6 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

Milltek’s engineers have used the same 21st Century technology and construction techniques that they use on the very latest performance cars such as the new Mk7 Golf R, which means this manifold benefits from more than 30 years’ experience producing some of the world’s finest exhaust systems.

Drawing on their vast experience has allowed the product designers to create a single system which fits all VR6 models. During its lifetime, the design of the Corrado’s exhaust hangers were changed from a hook fitting to a bar type. This traditionally meant that there were two different rear silencers depending on the type of hanger required. However, Milltek Classic has redesigned the silencer to accept both types of hanger – and naturally, both hanger-types are shipped in the box at no extra cost.

corrado exhaust 2 Milltek Classic VW Corrado VR6 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

When it comes to sound, customer preference can vary significantly and Milltek Classic has designed a couple of options into the system to cater for all needs. The cat-back system is available in either resonated or non-resonated flavours. The resonated option features a centre silencer as well as a rear silencer to provide a nice powerful, deep tone to the exhaust note without too much sound coming into the cabin. The non-resonated option uniquely features a centre silencer but has a straight-through rear section that replaces the rear silencer. This allows for an even richer sound and more volume. The truly impressive feature is that neither option ‘drones’ at normal motorway cruising speeds.

The system is hand-finished in carefully optimised 2.25-inch (57.15mm) seamless stainless steel tube. Tips wise, owners can choose the more traditional polished oval design, or the subtly modern ‘Cerakote’ black satin finish.

As an additional option, Milltek can also supply a motorsport-proven HJS Sports Catalyst replacement, which allows owners to optimise flow and power, while remaining fully road legal. A Milltek Classic Hi-flow Sports Cat has only 200 cells-per-square-inch, compared to 400-600 on the OEM version. These cats have a much larger open area of between 75-85% (vs. 55-60% on the OEM), thus reducing back pressure substantially and increasing flow rates – all very desirable for extracting more performance. Emission levels are maintained at legal limits by careful selection of the volume of the metallic substrate. Lambda probe positions remain unchanged from the original equipment.

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