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Milltek Golf R Estate Exhaust System

How do you make the Golf Mk7 R Estate, already one of this decade’s most impressively complete all-round packages, even better? The answer lies with Milltek, specifically the firm’s latest system for this, one of the most interesting performance cars in VW’s massive lineup. Planting the Golf R’s turbocharged four-pot and Haldex four-wheel drive system into the estate was nothing short of a masterstroke on VW’s part, and Milltek’s latest exhaust offering only serves to underline and indeed accentuate the R Estate’s incredible performance capabilities. Their latest stainless steel systems will boost performance of any Golf R they’re fitted to, will provide a subtly aggressive note, and represent the very pinnacle of modern, aftermarket exhaust technology.

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At the heart of the latest Milltek offering is a large bore 76.2mm downpipe and sports cat in a variety of specs and setups. Two are fully EC approved and can therefore be legally used in every country within the European Union, and require the car in question to have been previously remapped to Stage 2 or above. One has been designed to work with Milltek’s own cat-back systems, while another can only be used in conjunction with the stock VW cat-back exhaust. Those seeking out and out power without compromise or restriction can opt for the same setup without EC-approval, with the resulting pipework promising incredible power gains albeit at the expense of complete legality across the whole of the EU.

Further underlining Milltek’s desire to give their customers a huge deal of flexibility when it comes to picking their respective exhausts, there are a choice of cat-back stainless steel systems, one of which demands the fitment of a Milltek pre-cat, one which will only work with the OEM hardware in situ. Both are 76.2mm in diameter and both will offer suitably enhanced performance traits, but one is non-resonated and one isn’t, making the latter the clear choice for those owners seeking a more aggressive, raucous exhaust note.

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Milltek’s system is the end result of an intensive development programme, the firm’s engineering department having been tasked with creating a system that reflects the balanced qualities embodied by the Golf R Estate itself. The exhaust offers tangible increases in both power and torque across the rev range, its mandrel bent construction promoting efficient gas flow characteristics. Power is only part of the equation though, with Milltek’s decades of experience in this highly competitive industry having left them in the enviable position of being able to craft a system that offers tangible performance benefits, without ever sounding brash, overly loud or out of place.

“Performance Volkswagens have never been more popular and the choice available to consumers has seldom been more impressive, so yes, it made a huge amount of sense for Milltek to develop a system for one of the undoubted highlights in VAGroup’s range, the Golf R Estate,” explains Milltek MD Steve Pound. “Our new large bore downpipe, hi-flow sports cat and associated systems reflect the amount of care and effort VW themselves put into designing the Golf R, and this makes them ideally suited to each other.”

Milltek hardware isn’t just inventive and proven to enhance performance, it’s all designed and manufactured in the UK, traits that help ensure the firm’s reputation for excellence is maintained. Not only that, all of Milltek’s exhausts are produced from high quality type-304 aircraft grade stainless steel, a material that’s both anti-magnetic and less prone to discoloration than offerings from rival firms. Mandrel bending ensures optimised gas flow properties across the whole of the Milltek range, while the company’s impressive portfolio of feature and development cars speaks volumes about both the quality of their products and the commitment of its employees.

Constantly striving to build the best exhaust systems technically possible has resulted in a number of Milltek firsts and breakthroughs, with one of the most notable being their HollowTek manufacturing technique. This involves the careful placement of shaped silencer casings, reflection plates and varying lengths of solid and perforated internal tubing, all designed to create special chambers within the silencer itself that cancel out resonant frequencies and drone while driving at speed. HollowTek also ensures that no additional under-hang is visible beneath the system, reduces overall weight, permits the use of smaller boxes, results in a deeper sound, and enhances the pops and crackles that characterise the over-run sound of vehicles fitted with electronic exhaust valve control modules.

Milltek’s latest systems are among the best available anywhere in the world, making them perfectly suited to Volkswagen’s deeply impressive range of high performance hatches, saloons and estates. Golf R Estate owners seeking subtly enhanced performance and a balanced, aggressive exhaust note would be well advised to explore the firm’s latest offerings in detail.

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