Milltek performance exhaust for the Golf MKVI GTi

miltek exhaust 1 550x365 Milltek performance exhaust for the Golf MKVI GTi
Milltek has developed the ultimate performance exhaust system for the new VW Golf GTi Mk6 which not only offers scintillating power potential but invigorates the senses with its dynamic and red-blooded soundtrack.

To create this system, Milltek technicians have opted to use full-bore 76mm / 3-inch pipework and a twin compact rear silencer for effortless gas flow. However, Milltek understand that most owners will want to use their cars every day, and don’t want a constant and intrusive booming from their exhaust. As a result, after painstaking road testing, they found that a volume-specific centre silencer, also known as a resonator, was needed to keep unwanted noise when cruising under control.

miltek exhaust 3 550x366 Milltek performance exhaust for the Golf MKVI GTi

The photo shows the full turbo-back exhaust system options for the VW Golf Mk6 GTi. You can see the difference between resonated (quieter) and non-resonated (louder) as well as the 90mm and 100mm Jet tailpipe options. The motorsport large-bore downpipe with integrated hi-flow sports catalyst and connecting pipe (the two parts on the left of each system) must be fitted in conjunction with an ECU remap. The cat-back system can be fitted regardless of whether the car is in standard tune or if it has been remapped

Milltek Sport exhausts have a genuine performance edge – noticable power gains, sounds that are truely awesome, styled looks that are aggressive but discrete and a feeling of true exhilaration.

• Transforms performance and driveability
• Sharper throttle response
• Substantial weight saving over original equipment systems
• Precision, quality controlled manufacture to ISO 9001 standards
• Highest quality aircraft-grade stainless steel
• Low pressure systems for maximum performance – with no loss of low end torque
• Responsibly developed and engineered
• Designed and manufactured in the UK

Milltek Sport offer an ever expanding comprehensive selection of Performance exhausts which build on the successes of key marques like Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mini and BMW. This has placed Milltek Sport at the forefront of tuning companies and owners ‘must have’ list. Milltek Sport have appointed key distributors and are currently exporting to over 70 countries around the world.

miltek exhaust 2 550x365 Milltek performance exhaust for the Golf MKVI GTi

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Milltek performance exhaust for the Golf MKVI GTi

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