Mk5 FSI/TSI MAP Sensor Flanges

mk5map 42draftdesigns Mk5 FSI/TSI MAP Sensor Flanges Are you building custom intercooler plumbing for your Mk5? You can now incorporate the stock MAP sensor the right way! CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, 42 Draft Design’s MAP sensor flange allows a tight, leak-free installation of the stock MAP sensor. The installation requires a 1/2″ hole and a simple weld.

42 Draft Design’s Mk5 specific MAP sensor flanges are available in two configurations. Each configuration is designed to used on different base material. The aluminum flange has been machined to sit perfectly flush on 2.5″ aluminum piping. The thread-on flange is designed to be used on steel and stainless steel piping. A 304 stainless steel threaded nipple allows attachment of the MAP sensor flange at any rotation. This 2-part combination of materials has proven to be a very cost effective alternative to a 100% 304 stainless steel flange.

• Aluminum version includes 6061 aluminum flange & 2 stainless steel button-head screws
• Stainless steel version includes 6061 aluminum flange, 304 stainless steel pipe nipple, & 2 stainless steel button-head screws
• Fits Mk5 2.0T FSI/TSI MAP sensor flanges
• Will also fit Mk4 “small” MAP sensor flange

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Mk5 FSI/TSI MAP Sensor Flanges

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