42draft designs oil catch can 628x356 Mk6 Golf R FSI Ultimate Oil Catch Can Solution

Mk6 Golf R FSI Ultimate Oil Catch Can Solution

Every internal combustion engine has pressure and blow-by gases in the crankcase and valve cover. Some engines do a better job of separating the oil vapors before reaching the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) vents than others. Most engines don’t, sending a nasty mix of oil vapor and waste gases out the PCV vent and into the intake system. These vapors smother important (and costly) sensors with oil and gunk. In extreme cases, this gunk can build up on the valves killing performance. On a micro level, oil vapors displace oxygen molecules altering air-fuel ratios and effectively lower the octane level of your fuel.

42draft designs oil catch can 2 628x468 Mk6 Golf R FSI Ultimate Oil Catch Can Solution

The concept is simple – trap the oil vapors in the PCV system before they have the opportunity to reach the air intake. It takes more than an empty can and some tubing to achieve this task. 42’s oil catch cans take the basic idea of an oil catch can to the next level!

This oil catch can solution uses custom designed fittings and hardware to install our ultimate oil catch can in the FSI equipped Mk6 Golf R. From start to finish, the kit allows an effortless installation of our best oil catch can. Delete the faulty OEM PCV selection valve, convert to a single recirculation point, eliminate harmful PCV gunk in your intake, and gain a boost port in one simple installation. A win-win for the FSI.

So, here’s what’s in the kit:

  • Ultimate Oil Catch Can
  • 2.0T FSI Catch Can Conversion Plate
  • Ultimate Catch Can Mounting Bracket
  • (4 feet) 3/4″ PCV Tubing
  • (4) 3/4″ PCV Tubing Hose Clamps
  • PCV Plug & Tap

The individual items in this solution were designed to work together with simplicity & price in mind. No features were sacrificed, but 42 Draft Designs eased up on the endless detail to bring you an complete package that’s actually affordable.

In typical 42 fashion, every item is available separately for DIY installations. Totaled up, the items in this kit amount to $407. Fits 2012 VW Mk6 Golf R 2.0T FSI ONLY

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