rear camera 600x356 MKV Golf Reverse Camera Kit

MKV Golf Reverse Camera Kit

Go back to the future with a sci-fi reverse view camera kit. This hi-tech option, commonly reserved for luxury models, can be retrofitted to any MKV Golf equipped with an RNS-based factory navigation stereo.

This is a great accessory for families with small children–or for anyone who needs to back up in a crowded parking lot. With the camera installed, shifting into reverse turns on the radio screen and displays live video of hazards behind the vehicle: kids and carts, pets and pedestrians, toys and trikes.

reverse camera kit 1 MKV Golf Reverse Camera Kit

ECS has published a how-to photo procedure on its web site detailing the entire installation process. The tutorial gives detailed instructions about hardware and wiring, and shows scan tool re-coding steps to enable the camera.

Tech-savvy pro-sumers with appropriate tools can use the information to self-install the camera. Others can share the information with their favorite auto repair professional.

This isn’t just an accessory; it’s one of the best safety upgrades ever offered by ECS. Kit fits MKV Golf models equipped with an RNS-based factory navigation stereo. For more information go here: ECStuning.

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