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More drive dynamics for the Golf GTI

WEITEC has increased the new Golf VI GTI’s penchant for curves even further. With the sports springs, the sport suspension and coilovers the subsidiary trademark of KW, WEITEC, the powerful VW not only has a sportier look now, but also benefits from improved drive dynamics, and all that at a modest price.

The dynamic look comes from the WEITEC SPORT F-springs, which bring the GTI 20 millimetres closer to the surface of the road. The entire set is available for just 179 Euro inclusive of value added tax. The complete sports suspension ULTRA GT caters to sporty driving for just 525 Euro. The stronger springs and the GT-dampeners are optimally matched with the GTI.

Individual lower suspension setting is possible with the WEITEC-coilovers that reduce the height of the VW by 10 to 40 millimetres. With the certified adjustment range, the driver can adjust the look and the drive dynamics to precisely suit his requirements.

The HICON GT suspension comes with a dampening characteristic that has been perfected for the Golf VI GTI. The galvanised casings are protected against corrosion through extra sealing. WEITEC offers the HICON GT for just 749 Euro including value added taxes.

The WEITEC-coilover HICON TX “plus” is particularly well suited for drivers with especially high sporting ambitions. This allows the driver to adjust the dampener characteristics in the installed state in terms of its hardness. Thus, the setup can be adapted to suit different requirements as and when necessary. The coilover kit is available for 999 Euro including value added tax.

WEITEC offers all suspension solutions for the GTI including all stopping elements and dust guard systems. A TÜV-expert evaluation for smooth entry is of course always part of the scope of delivery.

WEITEC is the high-end alternative to cheap no-name suspensions. The subsidiary brand of the globally successful suspension specialist KW offers the best price to performance ratio for uncompromising top notch technology made by KW.

More information about the springs for lower suspension settings, sports dampeners, complete suspension kits and coilovers and the Spring Distance Kits for higher suspension settings and a constantly updated list of applications is available on the internet at www.WEITEC.de

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