mk7 mss spring kits 628x356 MSS Spring Kits for the VW Golf mk7

MSS Spring Kits for the VW Golf mk7

MSS Spring Kits became known by their product range for the Audi TT 8J. MSS KITS is a recently created UK based engineering technology brand specialising in the development of tailored adjustable performance spring kits primarily aimed at prestige German cars in partnership with Eibach.

The spring kits from MSS Kits are modular, adjustable, enhance the handling and also the ride comfort over the factory stock suspension. MSS Spring Kits are direct replacement for the factory (OEM) springs. Available in a choice of two front adjustable or standard non-adjustable kits plus four rear adjustable kits. Each kit is calibrated to work seamlessly with the factory (OEM) passive or active shock absorbers, ensuring that the active suspension in-dash functionalities is unaffected.

They offer four distinctive types of performance spring kits to meet each individual needs, MSS Streets, MSS Sports, MSS Track Pack and MSS ‘LS’. The VW Scirocco, Golf mk5 and Golf mk6 already had their range, but now the company announce the release of the VW Golf MK7 kits range for pre-order.

The mk7 Golf will have the MSS Streets, MSS Sports and MSS Track Pack versions, available as fully adjustable, standard or rear adjustable kits.

If you are interested, you can use the promo code MSS-GMK7 for a 20% discount.

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