racedesign sharan New Aerodynamics for VW Sharan from Racedesign

New Aerodynamics for VW Sharan from Racedesign

Accommodating a family and yet not wishing to forgo a sporty looking vehicle? RACEDESIGN makes it possible! The German tuning specialists RACEDESIGN Automotive immediately offer a new spectacular aerodynamic kit for the VW Sharan and the Seat Alhambra. Both sister models are turned into a speedy looking Van Express!

Changeable front design

The highlight: changes through the look of RACEDESIGN front bumper provide unique, intrinsic branding design! The first design will leave the observer wondering, “Is this a van from Audi?” The “Single Frame” version actually does make the van look like an Audi. The bumper can also easily be changed into the version “GTI Five”. This is possible through a second finish border. One sees the area where finish must be applied to provide an exact GTI front look. To make the GTI look complete, RACEDESIGN offers an accessories set (including fog lights, GTI visors and plastic grille). Those who prefer to show their affiliation to Volkswagen can opt for this possibility by RACEDESIGN as well.

RACEDESIGN offers a side skirt set matching to the new front design supplying a lowering look and a much more impressive appearance. Matching to the front bumper, RACEDESIGN provides a rear bumper linking it to a racing sports look that blends in perfectly to the basic design. This in combination to a sporty tailpipe in the rear apron makes the van look as though it will storm onto the motor speedway. Again RACEDESIGN brings honour to its name!

The new front is available immediately and comes with TÜV parts certification and approval. This is for all vehicles with or without headlamp wash / wipe system and fits all 2000 Facelift VW Sharan and 2000 Facelift Seat Alhambra. Furthermore, just as for the RACEDESIGN rear bumper, it can be used for models with Park Distance Control (PDC). Side and rear skirts are supplied each with TÜV approval.

racedesign sharan heck New Aerodynamics for VW Sharan from Racedesign

The body kit is available beginning mid-August also for models prior to the Facelift 2000.

For further information to the complete RACEDESIGN tuning program, please call 0049- (0)9176-99 55 90 or refer to the newly designed Homepage www.rdx-racedesign.de.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 New Aerodynamics for VW Sharan from Racedesign

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