vw gti newing 628x356 Newing Golf GTI RSR Type 2

Newing Golf GTI-RSR Type 2

Newing is a Japanese Tuning that makes bodykits for most of the platforms VW produces. You might have seen before the GTI RSR bodykit, a true bolt on wide bodykit, you even can see the rivets showing and there is no intention of any kind of clean look.

vw gti newing 2 628x428 Newing Golf GTI RSR Type 2

But there is also a version 2! The Newing Golf GTI-RSR Type 2 is also amazing and has great details. This body kit has front blister fenders, rear blister fenders, front RS bumper, lip spoiler, side step GT type, rear spoiler, carbon grille and sports muffler.

vw gti newing 6 628x428 Newing Golf GTI RSR Type 2

You can see more details at newing-inc.com. There is also another version of the body kit, the GTI-RS Type 2, but it’s now widebody!

2 Responses to Newing Golf GTI-RSR Type 2

  1. Mukesh says:

    I need pricing on the gti-rsr kit and i’m from south africa, gauteng

  2. cesar says:

    disculpe..quiero saver como atquirir un body kit..gti-rsr-tipo 2..me interesa muchisimo..soy de mexicali.bc.mexico..
    aun lado de calexico california..

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