oettinger vw golf gti 1 628x356 Oettinger Golf R with 360hp

Oettinger Golf R with 360hp

German tuner Oettinter unveiled the first pictures and details of the Oettinger Golf R. Oettinger announces 360hp and 470Nm for the engine tuning, as long as a new bodykit.

The Golf R is the sportiest version of the new VW Golf and with the enhancements provided by Oettinger, immediately attracts everyone’s attention.

oettinger vw golf gti 3 628x418 Oettinger Golf R with 360hp

The bodykit consists of a front grill headlight covers, front spoiler with splitter, side skirts, rear apron with diffuser and a roof spoiler with R-flaps.

The promised power of 360hp is just the first power level, soon Oettinger with develop new stages that further increase power and torque.

OETTINGER will offer an explicitly motorsport orientated accessory programme for the Golf, including engine enhancements, sports exhausts, adjustable suspensions, intercoolers, air intakes with sport filters, limited slip differentials, uprated clutches and brakes etc.

More technical data and detailed information will follow shortly.

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