vw golf 6 carbon hood 628x356 OSIR Carbon parts for VW Golf 6

OSIR Carbon parts for VW Golf 6

OSIR Design is the premier manufacturer of carbon fiber accessories and body kits for the Audi and VW market. Establishing themselves from day one as the leader in high end aftermarket parts for the true Audi and VW enthusiast. They became famous by their collaboration in the VW Golf R GTI.

rear spoiler OSIR Carbon parts for VW Golf 6

They have available now the GT6-R program for the VW Golf 6 with a carbon fiber bodykit. This kit has a carbon fiber hood, that reduces the weight from the factory 14kg to less than 6kg. For the front they have a replacement front chin spoiler. The bodykit is completed with carbon fiber replacement side skirts and a carbon fiber rear valence. This parts have a high gloss finish.

OSIR Design is also working on the GT6-S program that should be available soon (some of the pictures already displayed here). This program will have a carbon fiber hood with 2 vents that reduce high pressure inside the engine compartment under high speed, a 3 pieces add-on front chin spoiler, new front grill, rear diffuser and rear spoiler.

carbon fiber osir OSIR Carbon parts for VW Golf 6

The OSIR Carbon parts catalogue for the interior parts is also very good. The OSIR Orbit V3 illuminated shift is great. CNC’d from solid 6061 Aircraft Aluminum. Plug and play Audi/VW installation, no wire cutting/splicing. The OSIR Design add-on center console dual gauge pod is also a must. Handmade from premium carbon fiber with a high gloss finish. The OSIR gauge pod can fit 60mm and/or 52mm gauges.

Soon there will be also available a Carbon replacement interior stripes set for Golf 6, for both 2 door and 4 door LHD or RHD.

carbon rear diffuser OSIR Carbon parts for VW Golf 6

For more details please go to osirusa.com or zmaxautosport.com

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