Pipercross Golf Mk 6 Intake System

Pipercross Golf 6 Induction System 550x320 Pipercross Golf Mk 6 Intake System
Performance filtration specialist Pipercross has provided the perfect breathing solution for the perennial tuner’s favourite; the Mk 6 Golf Gti. The precision-fabricated intake system has been designed to eliminate all of the compromises inherent within the factory airbox, hugely improving airflow, enhancing both power and drivability. Using induction technology gleaned from the firm’s involvement with the AmD BTCC car, the result is an upgrade that offers racecar levels of technology and finish at a price that is well within the reach of the average enthusiast.

The gains begin with a large cylindrical, triple layer filter. Not only does this boast considerably more surface area than the OEM part, but also, thanks to Pipercross’ unique foam construction, can filter down to a much finer rate than the factory paper unit.. all this, despite flowing at a far greater rate and being far less susceptible to dust and dirt loading.

A smart aluminium shield keeps the filter well away from underbonnet heat and channels ice cold air from the front of the car directly into the filter body, helping to further improve the efficiency of the system.

A hand-wrapped bespoke SamcoSport hose has been designed to provide a perfectly smooth airflow path from the filter neck into the induction system. This drops from 88.5mm to 80mm diameter to fit as per factory, and utilises the factory MAF housing to ensure that the ECU receives all salient data. The whole kit takes around an hour to fit.

Although the system has been designed to fit directly onto the factory corrugated intake hose, drivers looking to really get the most from the induction set-up can also opt for the Stage 2 pipe which goes directly back to the turbo. The new pipe is made of lightweight mandrel bent aluminium, painted with a black crackle finish to give it a decidedly OEM appearance. Unlike other upgraded carbon intake pipes it has a smooth internal profile which improves the passage of air, increasing the flow rate. Being fully interchangeable, the pipe can be fitted to the standard OE airbox or be used as part of a kit.

Pipercross has conducted extensive flow-testing on both components to evaluate potential gains. The stage 2 pipe flows a proven 27% increase over the OEM part, whilst the entire system averaged an astonishing 45% airflow improvement over the original, highlighting just how restrictive it is.

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