Pipercross Rectangular Filter No Box Pipercross Performance Air Filter. Golf Mk3 GTI (8v and 16v)

Pipercross Performance Air Filter. Golf Mk3 GTI (8v and 16v)

As the unsung hero in the GTI line-up, the Mk3 is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves in the Golf fraternity. A fine basis for tuning and styling, the NA engines found in the 8 and 16 valve GTi models respond exceptionally well to tuning, making the Pipercross panel filter upgrade for either a truly worthy mod.

In typically Germanic fashion, VW used the same sized filter across many of the Mk3 models, meaning that the Pipercross filter crosses over to many other variants, including the 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, Syncro, VR6 and all diesel versions – making this hand-made filtration upgrade a bit of a must-have for any owner. As it leaves the entire factory air box untouched, it’s also an insurance and concours-friendly improvement that enhances that character and performance of the car, without spoiling it.

The Pipercross filter is designed to be an exact replacement for the rather asthmatic factory paper filter and uses multiple foam layers to allow up to 30% more air-flow through to the engine, improving power, torque and drivability over the stock set-up. No wonder that a panel filter and exhaust upgrade are often the first improvements that owners make. Best of all, it’s made here in the UK!

As well as increased flow rate, thanks to its unique multi-laminated open cell polyurethane foam construction, the Pipercross upgrade can actually filter down to a much finer rate than the OEM part, preventing any foreign particles from entering the induction tract, meaning even greater protection for the Porsche’s engine. This same construction means that the filter can also go longer between service intervals than even leading cotton-gauze filters, before needing to be cleaned.

Best of all, despite these impressive abilities, the Pipercross filter comes with a lifetime warranty and can be easily cleaned again and again for re-use, providing decades of faithful service and paying for itself many times over.

For more details on the Pipercross range, please visit www.pipercross.com

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Pipercross Performance Air Filter. Golf Mk3 GTI (8v and 16v)

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