Podi Launches Sponsorship Program

Podi 3 550x366 Podi Launches Sponsorship Program
Volkswagen enthusiasts worldwide are in for a real treat this week with the announcement of a program that gives back and rewards their commitment to the performance automotive scene. As the leading innovators of the only OEM replacement steering column gauge pod, Podi has once again raised the standard in the industry with the launch of an integrated sponsorship program, designed as an open call for sponsorship applications.

It is Podi’s ongoing commitment to both the aftermarket performance industry and to enthusiasts all over the world that triggered the launch of this sponsorship program. Podi’s goal is to celebrate automotive enthusiasts and the automotive culture, and also to continue raising the bar for industry standards. This program promotes enthusiasts’ involvement in the local, online and worldwide automotive communities, while supporting the ability for owners to showcase their vehicles and the countless hours they have dedicated to them. According to Podi, this program has been designed to highlight the passion that owners continually display for their vehicles and the enthusiast communities.

If selected to be a member of the Podi team, candidates of this sponsorship program will gain access to discounts and credits towards Podi products. Other benefits of the program include exposure through Podi’s website and promotional outlets, exclusive invites to events, as well as the opportunity to represent Podi at automotive shows as a brand ambassador.

Application for sponsorship can be found here: http://podi.ca/.

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About Podi
Formed in British Columbia by Audi enthusiasts, Podi manufactures high quality, OEM replacement gauge pod solutions for Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts worldwide. Learn more at: www.podi.ca.

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