Prolock Hose Clamps – Get a grip!

prolock2 Prolock Hose Clamps   Get a grip!Such a breath of fresh air knowing your turbo boost pipes will never blow off again”…Every now and then you flick through a magazine finding a new product or idea that’s so good you wonder why you’d not thought of it yourself. Prolock is one of those really neat ideas that works, many professional race teams, track day enthusiasts all suffer from the annoying problem of hoses blowing off every time you put the pedal to the metal.

The Prolock clamps are clever but simple to fit and what’s more they work, as tested by several racing teams in Europe. Allard Tdi Motorsports are the distributor in the UK. The market is aimed toward racing teams and extreme trackday enthusiasts who require higher clamping abilities due to high turbo boost outputs. Not only does the clamp work well in extreme conditions, heat, vibration, etc, it looks the part as well, there are at present two finishes available, polished and anodised silver, but there will also be other colours blue, red and gold in the near future. The maximum boost pressure in which the clamps hold way exceed the silicone hoses themselves, in excess of 8.0 B.A.R ! over and above most turbocharger outputs whether it be race or road applications.

Prolock clamps are a unique product designed to provide superior appearance in any engine bay to the usual hose clips. Never again have a hose failure on the race track, Prolock eliminates these failures, feel free to drive flat-out with the knowledge that the Prolock product is under the bonnet.

Prolock are designed as an alternative to the usual steel worn drive type of hose clip, with the same or better clamping performance, but with far superior appearance. At the same time, Prolock provides a high level of security, having been tested under road and track use for thousands of miles.

prolock1 Prolock Hose Clamps   Get a grip!

Prolock For Racing Teams

Prolock will hold and maintain a seal against over 8.0 BAR pressure and above the bursting point of most silicone hoses. So Prolock provide just what trackday enthusiasts and race teams require, when silicone hoses and pipework is working under extreme conditions of pressure heat and vibration.

Prolock For Show & Style

Prolock will give that finishing touch and show style to all engine bays, prolock can be used on air induction pipework as well as the turbo system. There are currently two finishes, polished aluminium and anodized silver, but other colours can be produced by special order. Prolock hose clamps are machined from high grade aluminium and are designed principally for all turbocharger system pipes and with over 4.0 BAR capability.

Product Highlights:

  • show stopping appearance
  • lightweight but tough
  • high clamping performance
  • good corrosion resistance
  • suitable for high boost applications
  • wide range of sizes
  • also for air induction pipes

A range of sizes are available to suit most applications. Prolock can be sold separately or as a box set, most regular sizes in stock, full instruction on how to fit, assemble and maintain all in one handy kit. Prices range from £8.99 – £25.99.

Prolock clamps have a smaller range of adjustment than standard hose clips, so accurate measurement of the outside diameter of the turbo hose when it is actually fitted onto the pipework is required. All Prolock sizes refer to the inside diameter of the clamp in an unadjusted condition, as taken out of the box.

prolock3 Prolock Hose Clamps   Get a grip!

Locking Mechanism

Prolock clamps have a unique locking mechanism which allows the allen bolt clamping screw to be screwed out to open up the clamp, to ease the fitting, and then to be locked in this position with a small grub screw until the clamp is in position on the hose, when the grub screw can be loosened and the clamp tightened. A maximum torque of only or KN is required to hold up to 4.0BAR (60 psi)

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Distributor – Allard Tdi Motor Sports UK

prolock4 Prolock Hose Clamps   Get a grip!

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