ronal r50 aero 550x356 R50 Aero wheel from Ronal

R50 Aero wheel from Ronal

ronal r50 aero R50 Aero wheel from Ronal Based on the ever-popular R10 Turbo, the new R50 is a modern twist on a truly classic design and is quite possibly the coolest new wheel we’ve seen in a long time. Because the Ronal R50 Aero is available in both 7.5×16” and 8×18” sizes, this fantastic design is fit old-school rides out there, but also on new models. There will also bea huge range of stud patterns available, they’re not just limited to Dubs either.

With prices starting at just £247.25 per wheel for the 18” examples, we think it’s fair to say these are going to be the smash hit of 2009 and beyond. Check out for more details and ordering information.

Ronal is one of the largest alloy wheel manufacturers in Europe for OE first fit alloy wheels. Ronal offer a 2 year warranty on all wheels from date of manufacture and produce wheels for customers such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Ford and many more.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 R50 Aero wheel from Ronal

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