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liquid race diagnostics Race Performances liquid We are proud to announce an exciting product from Race Diagnostics, the liquid. Race Diagnostics Ltd is a small company focusing on creating innovative diagnostics solutions for both track cars and road cars. The first product “liquid” was originally designed for the Audi TT Mk1, inspired by the capabilities of vag-com, but providing a solution to the problem of convenience and graphical display of the diagnostic data.

The liquid is a multifunction gauge & diagnostics tool which can display many types of information related to your car’s performance. Displaying data in either a traditional gauge format as well as a scrolling graph allowing data history to be seen visually. As the liquid uses an LCD screen to present the data to the user it creates the ability for multiple parameters to be presented on a single screen, thus removeing the necessary to have multiple gauges.

Although designed for the MK1 TT, Race Diagnostics have expanded its capabilities to work with other 1.8T cars such as the Audi A3/S3, Seat Ibiza/Leon and Golf MK4 GTI. It will also work with other non turbo versions of the Golf Mk4, many Seats, Skodas and other Audis using the pre “CAN” diagnostic bus. The diesel version will also be available soon.

The liquid GOLF for instance is available as a kit or as a complete insert replacing the flaps in the air vent. We also offer a service to modify your own vent to hold a liquidGolf kit as an alternative to the insert. It is also available for Passat and Bora.

The unit can be set up to display either imperial or metric units, or a mix of both as well as supporting the following languages: English, German, French, and Finnish. The Liquid can display data from the following engine variables: Engine power, Torque, Boost pressure, Cmd pressure, Mass Air Flow, Air Fuel Ratio, Air intake temp, Exhaust temp, Coolant temp, N75 position, Oil temp. Acceleration timings and faults and error codes can also be displayed.

Prices can be found at their store. We invite you to visit Race Diagnostics’ website because it is very informative and you can also watch some videos of the liquid in action.

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