ratstyle vw golf 1 628x356 Rat style VW Golf I

Rat style VW Golf I

Here are some pictures of VW Golf I in rat Style taken in a show in Portugal. Do you see the chicken?

ratstyle vw golf 1 a 628x471 Rat style VW Golf I

4 Responses to Rat style VW Golf I

  1. Dan says:

    really cool golf. Whats up with the chicken though??

  2. admin says:

    it’s part of the scenary

  3. dovan (flaviense) says:

    im friend with the owner of this car, the chicken its part of the scenery of course!
    Partimos tudo e nao pagamos nada! (we broke everything and do not pay anything)

  4. PWRchapeiro says:

    this is a my car…

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