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From the nondescript to the absolute head-turner, RDX RACEDESIGN from Allersberg, Germany, gives the VW Fox a complete make-over. For this somewhat conservative compact car, the German tuning specialist is offering a sporty outfit that transforms the Fox beyond all recognition.

At the front, the RDX RACEDESIGN “GTI-Five” front spoiler apron (€ 299) makes the Fox look a little like the Golf GTI. Integrated into the bumper is a grille, which has no need for a brand emblem. The daytime running lights from the latest Audi S6 can also be fitted in the front.

The Fox acquires “muscly” sides by fitting the RDX RACEDESIGN set of side sills (€ 129.95). To create an overall harmonious appearance, RDX RACEDESIGN also of course supplies a matching diffuser-style rear apron (€ 255), which guarantees that the Fox also cuts a fine figure from behind. The rear bumper is supplied without tailpipe cut outs. Drivers can cut out the openings themselves to suit their own particular type of exhaust system.

The complete set of components is available for an all-in price of € 615.56. A saving of around € 70! What is more, the front and rear are suitable for spraying in two colours thanks to the paint edges produced by the design.

racedesign vw fox tunning RDX RACEDESIGN VW Fox

vw FOX

All RDX RACEDESIGN components are renowned for ensuring a perfect fit, being easy to paint and, as you might expect, are TÜV certified and approved.

Further information on the extensive RDX RACEDESIGN tuning range is available by calling the number +49 (0)9176/ 99 55 90 or online at www.rdx-racedesign.de.

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