Remus golf estate 2 628x356 Remus Announces Cat Back Exhaust System For Mk7 Golf R Estate

Remus Announces Cat-Back Exhaust System For Mk7 Golf R Estate

VW’s decision to introduce a range of R-badged models sitting directly above the iconic GTI range was nothing if not risky, especially when you consider the high regard models like the Golf GTI are held in by vast swathes of the motoring public. Wolfsburg’s decision has been well and truly vindicated though, with the Mk7 R being the most popular to date, so much so that it’s spawned a larger, more practical estate variant. Remus is now able to supply a stainless-steel exhaust option for the Mk7 Golf R Estate.

Remus golf estate 4 Remus Announces Cat Back Exhaust System For Mk7 Golf R Estate

The Remus range opens with a RACING cat-back system consisting of a resonated front section, Y-pipe and RACING sports exhausts, the latter splitting left and right as it nears the rear of the Golf. These boast a pair of integrated electronic valves that have been developed to work with Remus’ much vaunted Sound Controller technology, more information on which can be found below. At 70mm in diameter it’s a full 15mm larger than the standard VW offering.

Remus golf estate 1 Remus Announces Cat Back Exhaust System For Mk7 Golf R Estate

The cat-back system above can then be paired with a wide selection of different tail pipe packages, further underscoring Remus’ willingness to tailor its systems to meet the whims and demands of its customers. Said customers can pick from a trio of different quad pipe arrangements, all 102mm in diameter, all proven to work in harmony with the rest of the Remus hardware. The options in question comprise an angled, straight cut pipe with a chrome finish, another with a rolled edge and another with stunning Titanium internals.

Remus golf estate 5 Remus Announces Cat Back Exhaust System For Mk7 Golf R Estate

Those customers seeking a slightly more restrained appearance for the rear of their estate should consider another Remus tail pipe option, with a pair of straight cut, 98mm options. These can be specified with either a brushed stainless steel or gloss black finish, and both come with carbon inserts.

Remus golf estate 3 Remus Announces Cat Back Exhaust System For Mk7 Golf R Estate

Remus has always been about giving its customers as much control over their exhaust’s volume and character as possible, only too aware that what’s suitable for a late summer Saturday evening B-road blast isn’t necessarily ideal for a mid-November 6.30am commute! Evidence of this can be found in its remote valve function, an option on the Golf R Estate exhaust. Remus Electronic Sound Control sees a quartet of pre-set valves located at key points along the system, each operated by OEM quality electronic actuators. These valves can be adjusted allowing the driver to toggle not just the volume of their exhaust but also its note, making it just as suited to stealthy early morning getaways as afternoon jaunts.

As is the case with all Remus systems, the quality of the workmanship involved is second to none, well above that of offerings from other manufactures and even rivaling OEM levels of fit and finish. Extensive testing of the system on the firm’s own development car has revealed a noticeable increase in performance across the rev range, with peak power increases of 10.8bhp on offer, a jump in torque of 10.9nm and a decrease in overall weight of 5.3kg, figures that make this already potent car all the mightier!

Further evidence of Remus’ committed to forward-thinking technology can be found in both the Remus Powerizer and Remus Responder. Both plug and play systems, the former has been developed to give up to 25% more power and 20% more torque at the press of a button, while also saving fuel. It does this by toggling the engine management parameters in real time, optimising the nature of the map multiple times per second in order to ensure peak gas flow at any given time. Buyers can also opt for the Remus Responder, a system that improves throttle response by adjusting the accelerator pedal output signal, resulting in noticeably reduced response and reduced lag when applied to cars with automatic transmissions.

The seventh generation VW Golf R Estate is a stunningly capable car in standard form, but the addition of Remus hardware really does elevate it to another, more performance-focused level. Fitting a Remus exhaust system is the very definition of a ‘win-win’ scenario; its systems are made to OEM standards, they have been designed to fit perfectly, come with a dizzying array of options and finishes, sound superb and have been proven to boost performance. Get in touch using the details below to find out more.


Mk7 Golf R Estate
Wolf Inside Cat-Back Valvetronic System – 956015 0500LR

X4 102mm Stainless steel angled, straight cut, chromed – 956015 0500LR/0046 70SG – £2,031.60 inc VAT
X4 102mm Stainless steel angled, rolled edge, chromed – 956015 0500LR/0046 70S – £2,077.20 inc VAT
X4 102mm Stainless steel angled, Titanium internals – 956015 0500LR/0046 70CS – £2,599.20
X2 98mm Brushed stainless steel, angled, straight cut, carbon insert – 956015 0500LR/0046 98C – £2,186.40 inc VAT
X2 98mm Stainless steel, angled, straight cut, gloss black, carbon insert – 956015 0500LR/0046 98CB – £2,235.60 inc VAT
Powerizer options – POW033824 – £558.26 inc VAT

Further information on the Remus cat-back sports exhaust, prices and fitment options can be found at:

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