Revo Dyno 2.0TFSi K04 230 White 628x356 Revo Golf Edition 35 Software Solutions

Revo Golf Edition 35 Software Solutions

Respected VW Group specialist Revo has released an extensive range of software options for tuners and enthusiasts looking to extract the maximum potential from VW’s iconic Edition 35. The range of Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 2+ packages offer a solution for every state of tune, with power outputs of 360 +bhp easily achievable with the addition of the appropriate hardware.

Stage 1 offers the perfect introduction to tuning the car, with the software working in tandem with the standard engine hardware to offer gains of up to 54 bhp and 72ftlb over the stock figures. Revo’s engineers have completed thousands of both road and track mileage in order to create a superbly effective conversion that leaves all of the VW safety parameters firmly in place whilst offering power and torque increases throughout the rev range. Power delivery is kept crisp and smooth thanks to careful mapping, making the whole conversion feel very much like an official conversion – but with everything turned up to ‘11’. The rev limiter has also been raised by an additional 200rpm to 7000rpm.

By the expert application of precise fuelling and boost tabulation, the Revo Stage 1 package not only offers considerably more performance in every gear, but counter-intuitively, balances this with improved fuel consumption, thanks to the engine having to effectively have to do less work to achieve any desired speed, due to the improved torque characteristics of the engine. With the speed limiter also deleted, the car can also reach its theoretical top speed – wherever legal and appropriate, of course.

Once the software has been fitted, using Revo’s unique Serial Port Switch, it is possible to revert the vehicle back to a standard spec in just seconds. Or, if preferred, the car can also be switched into ‘Valet’ mode (3,000 rpm max, no boost) or even ‘Anti-Theft’ mode where it won’t run at all…

For those looking to create the ultimate performance car, the Stage 2 software is configured to run with a turbo-back exhaust system, as well as the options of a high-flow intake system and uprated intercooler. Once fitted and mapped, gains of up to 100 bhp and 90lbft from stock are easily achievable. Over and above this spec, the Stage 2+ is to be run with the additions of an uprated high-pressure fuel pump and engine mounts – with another 32 bhp and 43lbft on offer, even above the Stage 2 package. Both of these configurations can also be mapped with a ‘linear throttle’ option. Essential for true driving enthusiasts, this replaces the factory’s non-proportional accelerator map with an action that mimics the cable throttles of old, making feathering the car’s mid-corner attitude on the power much more rewarding and easier to achieve.

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