revo passat Revo Technik Performance Software for VW Passat 2.0T

Revo Technik Performance Software for VW Passat 2.0T

Revo Technik is pleased to announce the release of Stage 1 performance software for the 2.0 TSi on the 2008+ Volkswagen Passat in North America. This first-to-market product is fully switchable between Stock and 91, 93 and 100 Octane performance programs*.

The Revo 93 Octane performance program for the 2.0 TSi delivers an increase over stock of 35 to 45 peak horsepower with the new peak horsepower arriving at 5,400 rpm, and torque gains of 80 to 90 lb-ft between 3,200 and 4,400 rpm (flywheel). The stock 200km/h (124mph) speed limiter is removed and the rev limit is set to 7,200 rpm.

The Revo Technik team has gone through extensive testing to deliver performance software that gives you massively increased power throughout the rev range and phenomenal torque. The 2.0 TSI engine combined with performance software whether in 91, 93 or 100 octane mode is extremely flexible, having even more torque than the earlier 2.0 TFSI whilst providing factory smooth power all the way from idle through to redline. Pick up from low rpm in any gear is amazing; the increase in speed is deceptively rapid. It’s the immense area under the power curve that transforms the vehicle far more than even the strong peak figures might suggest!

The dynograph gives a good indication of the gains that can be expected from this new release. The area between the stock and Revo curves hints at the new character of the engine after Revo software is installed.

Not convinced yet? Why not take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee? Revo Technik promises that you will be very happy with the software or you can have the software removed and your money back. There is no better way to try it out on your own car!

This new performance software for the 2.0 TSi is available for $499.00 in the USA.

The team at Revo Technik is continuing to develop the 2.0TSi tuning for other vehicles with this engine. Further information on these, and Stage 2 software will be released in the coming weeks.

To locate your nearest dealer and for more information on 2.0TSi products check online at

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