Revo Technik the Latest TSi and TFSi engines

revo technik Revo Technik the Latest TSi and TFSi engines Revo Technik is proud to announce that it is the first company worldwide to offer OBD port flashed and switchable performance software for the MED17 engine control units in the new VAG model range. This is the latest generation of Engine Control Units from Bosch for Direct Injection petrol engines.

These ECUs use the more advanced TriCore processor from Infineon. MED17 is a new architecture, and the latest in technology.

Revo Technik has been working with MED17 for over a year now and everyone at Revo Technik is thrilled with the results from the fine tuning of their 1.4TSi (140 bhp) turbocharged and supercharged VW Golf and 1.8TFSi turbocharged Audi A3 that has been completed over recent months.

As Revo Technik’s Director of Engineering, Todd Williams, explains; “This is a fantastic achievement and it exemplifies the talents and abilities of the Revo Technik team. Unlike many other performance software companies, Revo Technik has the ability to develop its own tools and technology in-house. This allows us to provide the very best performance products on the most recent VAG vehicles. The new Revo Technik performance software for the MED17 ECU has initially been developed for these two new engines, with outstanding results!”

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The new Revo Technik performance software for the MED17 ECU’s works with all of the standard features of the factory ECU including OBD port reflashing and Digital Signature code protection. The ECU is not removed from the vehicle, opened, or physically modified in any way. “We are particularly pleased that the new software is fully switchable between stock and performance modes, working with both our Select and Select Plus switches” adds Williams.

1.4 TSi (140)
“With its supercharger and turbo, the 1.4TSi engine provided a greater challenge to achieve the ultimate blend of performance and drivability from the software. As with all Revo Technik performance software, the tuning has been focussed on smoothness and driveability. The supercharger responds instantly in the bottom half of the rev range, and above 4000 rpm, its all turbo, it just keeps going, pulling hard to red line. With its close ratio 6 speed gear box the car just flies, it feels very fast.”

The 1.4 TSi is now running over 205 bhp with Revo Technik software, it’s a massive gain. The car is flexible and eager, with a
responsive mid range and a lot of power over 4,500 rpm, it really shines in the top rev ranges and feels very strong. Also, this 1.4 TSi (140) now has as much torque as the stock 1.8TFSi!

The new 1.8TFSi engine (sister engine to the new ’08 2.0TSi/TFSi) is nothing like the old 1.8T. It’s a new engine with the new engine management system, MED17. Yet again, the Revo Technik performance software has taken a VAG engine to a new dimension. The torque at 3-4000rpm is incredible, very similar to the 2.0TDi with Revo Technik software! Peak power is at 5,700 rpm and its still over 200 bhp at 6,800 rpm; in fact it’s over 200bhp from 4000rpm to red line.

“It’s so smooth, and really driveable, you can do what you want, in any gear you want. It’s as good as a torquey Diesel below 4K, and every bit a performance turbocharged petrol above 4K.” adds Williams.

Both of these Revo Technik development cars have been transformed. The team has been striving for the ultimate in tuning and the hours they have spent working with these cars on the dyno and on the road has delivered an excellence in performance that is unrivalled for this latest generation of engines.

revo technik dynos Revo Technik the Latest TSi and TFSi engines

“We’re excited, this is fantastic performance that we have delivered out of these cars and we’re already onto the new 2.0TSi/2.0TFSi and starting to see great results.”

“We have achieved two significant milestones, which has taken a huge effort from the Revo Technik team. Our focus now is to make available all the ECU variants for the 1.4TSi, the 1.8TFSi and the new 2.0TSi/2.0TFSi.”

So if we’ve sparked your interest, contact your local Revo Technik dealer and they will determine your ECU number, and it won’t be long before you too can … go play …

This new performance software for the 1.4TSi, the 1.8TFSi and the 2.0TSi/TFSi is available for $499

For further information please refer to the dynographs for the two vehicles or our website or contact your local Revo Technik Dealer.

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