Romeo Ferraris Polo GTI 11 628x356 Romeo Ferraris Volkswagen Polo GTI

Romeo Ferraris Volkswagen Polo GTI

Romeo Ferraris presents its Volkswagen Polo GTI and is ready to astonish enthusiasts of this car around the world. The small German car has undergone a series of revisions to its looks and engineering, which make it far more attractive and “mean”. The main mechanical intervention has involved the suspension, with the fitting of a new set of Eibach/Bilstein springs and shock absorbers, of a new CDA (BMC Filter) air filter and a complete new exhaust system designed and made specially by Romeo Ferraris, with downpipe and 200 cell catalytic converter.

Romeo Ferraris Polo GTI 12 628x392 Romeo Ferraris Volkswagen Polo GTI

The most outstanding part of this vehicle is the major overhaul of all the electronics, which now include an additional “Romeo Ferraris” module offering a significant improvement in performance.

Romeo Ferraris Polo GTI 2 628x392 Romeo Ferraris Volkswagen Polo GTI

Overall, these improvements lead to a considerable increase in power, with a gain of 38 hp and 74 Nm. The “Romeo Ferraris” Polo also fulfils its promises from the aesthetic point of view and livery. The most eye-catching interventions in this area concern the fitting of appealing ABT alloy wheels and a significant refurbishment of the interior, which now looks far sportier.

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