golf7 schmidt xs5 628x356 SCHMIDT Revolution Golf 7 with XS5 Wheels

SCHMIDT Revolution Golf 7 with XS5 Wheels

The fact, that the rims are among the most important accessories of every car, is likely to be widely undisputed. Description of them as “only”tyres bearing rims would not even start to meet their security-related meaning. In addition to different construction characteristics (single or multi part) there are nearly no limits for design opportunities.

Rims manufacturer SCHMIDT Revolution, which is settled in Northern Germany, has specialised for years in manufacturing the finest tuner rims. Each wheel set is individually adjusted to the wishes of the customers. In addition each two front and rear wheels with desired offset are adjusted exactly set for set for vehicle requirements. During assembly distance disks and locating rings are deliberately avoided. And without extra charge!
To showcase their new XS5 rims wheel maker SCHMIDT Revolution has fitted them on a tricked-out VW Golf 7.

With features like embossed spokes, chrome-plated steel panel for extra shine, and different concave effects depending on the size, the XS5 series wheels are very sporty, while maintaining a classy and elegant look. The stainless steel panels, which receives through its gloss additional chromium plating reflector, refines the drop center of one piece rims in a special way and makes the wheel suitable both for winter and everyday use. They are very easy to clean and don’t get damaged easily.

schmidt xs5 4 628x418 SCHMIDT Revolution Golf 7 with XS5 Wheels

For the Golf, the wheels are 8. inch wide at front and 9 inch wide at the back. For high performance cars like Mercedes AMG models and Nissan GTR SCHMIDT Revolution XS5 20-inch wheels can be up to 20.5 inch wide.

SCHMIDT-Design XS5 comes in different concavities with embossed spokes. The bigger the wheel is, the more concave the spoke is. Perfectly tuned cars should have at the rear axle a wider optics, this is an unwritten law. The wheel arches are in any case optimally filled through adjusting the offset – no matter, whether airrides or coil over.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 SCHMIDT Revolution Golf 7 with XS5 Wheels

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