vw scirocco tune it safe police 550x356 Scirocco Tune It! Safe!

Scirocco Tune It! Safe!

The TUNE IT! SAFE! initiative is a joint venture between the German Federal Ministry of Transport and VDAT (Association of Automobile Tuners in Germany) amongst others to promote awareness of safe automobile tuning.

The promotional Scirocco naturally showcases many tuning parts from VDAT member companies. One of the modifications come from main TUNE IT! SAFE! sponsor Hankook with their low and wide type Ventus S1 evo tires in size 245/30 ZR 20.

In addition to the Essen Motor Show the 2009 TUNE IT! SAFE! Scirocco will tour various tuning fairs and events outfitted in the blue-silver police live.

vw scirocco tune it safe Scirocco Tune It! Safe!

police car

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pinit fg en rect gray 20 Scirocco Tune It! Safe!

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