dotz scirocco1 550x356 Scirocco with Dotz Touge Blaze

Scirocco with Dotz Touge Blaze

If you are looking for a set of alloy wheels for your VW Scirocco, maybe you would like to take a look at the new Dotz Touge Blaze. Dotz is using the new Scirocco to promote the new wheel design.

The car on the pictures has an Oettinger Bodykit, Oettinger Directporttuning, Oettinger Exhaust system, Oettinger Intercooler, Kw- Coilover suspension variantion 1 inoxline, Hankook tyre in 225 35 19 S1 EVO. The wheels are of course the Touge blaze in 8 x 19 . The tyres are Hankook s1 evo 225 35 19.

dotz scirocco2 Scirocco with Dotz Touge Blaze

With the Touge blaze, DOTZ sets a new milestone in tuning history and launches a top-quality ceramic polished rim for all fans of blazing wheels and will present the new rim on occasion of the Tuning World Bodensee (30th April till 3rd Mai) to the public.

dotz scirocco3 449x600 Scirocco with Dotz Touge Blaze

If you are looking for some blazing action, DOTZ has the ultimate rim for you. The Touge blaze sets the streets on fire and sparkles like flames. The sharp-edged rim is guaranteed to burn some rubber and let the different parts of your wheel glow like a fireball. The eye-catching finish stylishly underlines the diamond-like structure of the top-quality Touge blaze. CPA finish technology – short for Ceramic Polished Acrylic protection – is what gives the Touge blaze its head-turning look. During a special vibration grinding process, the rim’s surface is polished with ceramic balls. This makes for a particularly shiny finish and prevents the well-known ‘golf ball effect’ surface structure often caused by steel ball polishing. In a final step, the Touge blaze is covered in acrylic powder coating, giving it exceptional durability. So if you are looking for a high-quality rim with lots of bling-bling, the Touge blaze is your weapon of choice!

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Scirocco with Dotz Touge Blaze

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