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Shark Performance’s Self Tuning System

There’s no doubting the fact that automotive ECU tuning has advanced in a huge way over the last decade or so, and it’s now easier than ever before to re-map your car for greater performance and an improved driving experience. The latest addition to this constantly evolving field comes from Shark Performance, namely the firm’s innovative Self Tuning System (STS), a sophisticated device which effectively allows for remote and bespoke vehicle remapping.

Very much a complete remapping solution, the STS allows customers to manage their own automotive mapping, giving them the power to toggle between pre-set maps using nothing more than the STS decide. Those who do plump for the STS will receive a painstakingly developed hardware bundle, including the aforementioned OBD cable and an easy to understand hand-held touchscreen console. The system has been designed to be approachable and easy to utilise, so there’s no misleading or difficult to comprehend data, just an intuitive screen with clear and concise readings in everyday English.

Once delivered the STS can be plugged into the vehicle’s diagnostic port and, when the relevant option is selected, the ECU’s map read, a process which takes mere minutes to complete. The newly acquired original map can then be uploaded to a computer and sent to Shark, where the firm’s engineers conduct a careful analysis of the map and carry out performance enhancing modifications and improvements, before returning the amended map bundle within 1 working day. The data can then be uploaded to the STS, the system plugged back into the diagnostic port and the newly edited map applied. With the STS unplugged, the car is ready to drive and the customer free to enjoy their newly enhanced performance.

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There are countless advantages to Shark’s STS, though one of the most obvious being the fact that it allows individuals a huge degree of control over their car and its state of tune, not to mention the practicality benefits that come from being able to carry out ECU work remotely from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. STS also promises a number of other, perhaps less obvious benefits, namely the ability to switch between maps within minutes, ideal for when taking a car into a garage or lending the car to someone unfamiliar with the extra performance, while the system’s inbuilt Diagnostic Trouble Code reader enables individuals to read and clear their own fault codes, potentially saving a considerable sum on dealer charges. Shark’s STS can even be used to completely immobilise a car, making it impossible to start even with the key, so perfect for when the owner needs to go away for an extended period of time.

Shark Performance’s STS is a truly groundbreaking product, one that promises to make ECU tuning a far more achievable, practical and approachable prospect. Cleverly designed and free from clutter and intimidating mapping jargon, the STS is compatible with a wide variety of popular makes and models, a full list of which can be found on the Shark Performance website.

Typical Cars
All VAG 1.9, 2.0 and 3.0 TDi
Golf GTi 4, 5, 6 and 7
Audi S3 2.0 and 1.8
Audi RS6

For more information on the Self Tuning System please click to Shark Performance

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