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Siemoneit Racing Volkswagen Golf R

Siemoneit Racing has unveiled a new performance package for the Volkswagen Golf R. Dynamic, self-confident and determined to go places – SIEMONEIT RACING from Stade gets a whole lot more out of all Volkswagen engines. Especially when it comes to the car’s electronics, SIEMONEIT RACING from Stade in Niedersachsen promises more driving dynamics, more performance, more torque and what’s more, even quicker and more intelligent gear changes with the S-Tronic and latest generation DSG automatic gearboxes.

Sportier gear-changing and fuel-efficient gear shift points make for more driving pleasure while lowering consumption. To achieve this, modifications are made to the electronics in the engine and in the gearbox. Besides the purely electronic changes to the engine and gearbox control, addition technical modifications can also be made.

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The Volkswagen Golf 6 from the R20 Series shown here was first of all given a carbon-fibre bonnet to reduce weight. After that, the development of the in-house exhaust system followed in order to bring the new engine electronics up to performance and rpm ranges that are just not possible with the series production equipment. The most important part, in other words the engine electronics, was developed one meticulous step at time, both out on the road and on the test bench. In order to squeeze the last drop out of the potential performance increase, Siemoneit Racing mounted a special air intake which forces cooler air into the combustion chamber for more efficient combustion. The end result is top performance of 355 PS and 485 Nm. But this is not even the end of the story. Siemoneit is able to convert the Golf onto a Monster. Different Hardware modifications will transform the R20 Golf into a beast producing about 530hp. This will turn the faces of the owners of supercars from smile into sadness. The new programming of the gearbox electronics affords faster acceleration, super-rapid gear changes and even more fun at the wheel – whether on the road or on the race track.

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At individual clients’ requests SIEMONEIT RACING can also programme modifications to the Launch Control, the rev. limiter and the torque limiter on the Volkswagen and Audi platform’s DSG and S-Tronic systems. Equally, gear shift points and gear shift times, as well as a number of other settings in the gearbox control can be altered. All this is necessary, if one would like to permit oneself a personalised improvement in performance. No mass-produced goods off the peg – this is adapted precisely to the customer’s needs. And for instance, in the case of the Golf R20, things don’t end with moderate improvements. SIEMONEIT RACING’s portfolio of skills manages improvements in performance well above the 500 HP mark. And this applies not only to Volkswagen models; indeed a design for individual performance improvements to any other manufacturer’s vehicle can be prepared in accordance with the customer’s needs. Precisely for this purpose, at SIEMONEIT RACING the stainless steel SR20.500.1 exhaust system for the current Golf R20 was developed for performances well above the 500 HP limit. The system starts out at 76mm at the turbocharger with a 100 cpi (or optionally a 200 cpi) metal catalytic converter and from there it goes straight through to the two 90-mm exhaust outlets. The system is made of US405.409 marine quality stainless steel and is indispensable for performance of 330 HP and above. It goes without saying that the system is ready for the TÜV Inspection.

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ECU Modification: 698€
DSG Modification: 298€
Exhaust System: 1749€
Intake System: 449€
Center Intercooler: 1199€
High Pressure Fuel Pump: 499€

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