t5 felge br 550x356 Spectacular birthday offers for the VW bus

Spectacular birthday offers for the VW bus

It is the most favourite car for mechanics, and it is the prototype of family vans. It is a campervan perfect for travel and this since six decades. The Volkswagen bus is the ideal all purpose car for generations of Germans and as T5 it easily copes with all today’s challenges. As the all-round car from Wolfsburg celebrates its 60th birthday, the leading tuner of cars from the Volkswagen group offers a special Abt T5 Sport Plus package for all new VW T5 Multivans. Those who go for it do not only get Abt quality but additionally save money in comparison to the sum of the single elements.

The Abt T5 Sport Plus package offers power upgrades for the 1.9 and the 2.5 TDI. The performance of the smaller Turbodiesel increases from 85 hp (63 kW) to 110 hp (81 kW) and the 105 hp engine to 130 hp (96 kW). The 2.5 liter self-igniting engine then performs powerful 160 hp (118 kW) instead of 130 hp (96 kW), the 195 hp engine (144 kW) instead of 174 hp (128 kW). But not only the power increase is feeleable, also the torque of all car versions rises significantly. In order that the additional power perfectly reaches the road, Abt suspension springs are almost a must in the PLUS package.

A real Abt T5 does not only drive sporty and is surprisingly agile when moved forward, it also looks dynamical. Responsible for the powerful optics is the complete Abt body kit, perfectly tailored for the striking appearance of the T5 by the designers from Kempten. This body kit contains front spoiler, front grille, fog lamp inserts, side skirts, rear skirt and rear wing. The rear view of the all-round car is affected by the Abt 4-pipe rear muffler, giving the T5 a powerful noise.

To complement this masterpiece, wheels in the size 8.5×19 inch with tyres in the dimension 255/40 ZR19 are inevitable. The driver of a T5 can choose the new BR wheel in diamond or high gloss polished.

Happy Birthday Volkswagen Bus: The Abt T5 Sport Plus package at a special price, available until December 31st, 2007.

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