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ST Suspensions – New Commercial Solutions for VW T5 and T6

Owners of the venerable VW Transporter now have a superb quality, high-value choice when it comes to equipping their rides with adjustable suspension – thanks to ST Suspension. The new ST X coilover kit offers the quality, fit and finish that you would expect form KW Automotive, but at a superb price point.

The new ST X kit offers extensive ride-height adjustment both front and rear, and the build quality to cope with the rigours and loads of commercial – or camping – life. Damping rates have been carefully optimised and then fixed, to make the setting-up of this kit an absolute breeze. Offering sporty handling, carefully balanced with the ability to tackle everyday driving and working, this kit offers exceptional driving dynamics, with the ability to select the perfect stance.

When you examine the quality of the kit, you can see the KW influence throughout! Galvanised parts are used on the damper bodies to give a long and useful life – even in the UK salt. The front units are a truly complete solution, with an adjustable spring plate, featuring heavy-duty black powder coated springs and progressive bump stops with neatly-fitting dust covers.

Each unit is independently adjustable, allowing for perfect set-up and corner weighting be achieved. These may be vans, but the ST X kit gives them almost car-like dynamics. This is, in part, down to the insistence of ST’s chassis engineers in using twin-tube, wet-built dampers with high-quality components for maximum longevity and durability.

The kit fits both T5 and T6 models that use the FA Camp fittings and is priced at £849.00 including VAT.

Having ticked all the boxes for the stance and handling brigade, ST also offers their new ST Spring Distance Kits for owners that need to go the other way, increasing ride height and ground clearance, or allowing axles to be levelled off for towing, or for carrying heavy loads.

The ST spring distance kit allows you to individually lift a vehicle axle by fitting a high-quality spacer in between the original spring coils. This is also beneficial to those cars that, after lowering springs have been installed, may sit too low on the rear axle and need to be raised slightly.

ST spring distance kits are designed to be super-durable. Depending on the application, each kit is constructed from a resistant polyamide composite material or aluminium alloy before being powder coated for maximum longevity even under the most demanding of conditions.

Kits are available separately for different lift ratings, and are priced as axle pairs for either front or rear. All kits raise the recipient axle by 20mm or 30mm and cost £89/£99 including VAT.

As you might expect from Germany’s leading coilover manufacturer, all parts come with full TUV approval.

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