ST VW Golf VII GTI 003 628x356 ST Suspensions Range for Mk7 Golf GTD GTI and Clubsport

ST Suspensions Range for Mk7 Golf GTD GTI and Clubsport

ST Suspensions is excited to announce a string of comprehensive chassis upgrades for the seventh generation of VW Golf, the car’s MQB platform meaning that all 4 components, springs, sports suspension, rear Anti-Roll Bar and spacers, will fit the GTI, GTD and recently launched Clubsport. It’s an important launch and one which has the potential to utterly transform the already impressive handling traits of VW’s flagship hatchback.

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No one would deny that the Mk7 Golf is a fine handling car ‘right out of the box,’ least of all ST Suspensions, yet the firm has a strong background when it comes to providing uprated, more performance-orientated spring and damper offerings, all backed up by a close working relationship with the chassis-gods at KW. Said relationship has underpinned the development process behind ST’s offerings for the Mk7, meaning Golf owners can buy in confidence, safe in the knowledge that they’re getting a highly capable product from a proven specialist.

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The ST Suspensions lowering spring kit has been developed to fit the GTD, GTI and the lightweight Clubsport, and will lower the first pair of models by approximately 30mm all round, while the Clubsport, already lower than other Golfs in the range, will be brought a full 20mm closer to the ground. This results in a reduced centre of gravity, in turn giving sharpened driving dynamics and handling. Furthermore, compression and rebound is also reduced which allows the car to drive in a more agile manner, and with a corresponding decrease in that most irksome of chassis traits, body roll. The springs are progressively wound, meaning they function in complete harmony with Golf’s OEM dampers while also giving a ride that’s sporting when required, yet also comfortable and cosseting when not, the latter of paramount importance on a car of this nature.

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Those Golf owners seeking an even more nuanced chassis are equally well catered for by the ST Suspensions range, with an uprated suspension kit for both the GTI/GTD and the Clubsport available. Said kit utilises the progressively wound springs mentioned above and therefore offers similar degrees of lowering, yet adds focussed dampers developed exclusively for this application. Mk7 Golfs with the ST Suspensions spring and damper kit installed will corner with precision and poise, with improved handling on the limit and no reduction in bump absorption or comfort, again making it the ideal upgrade for those that plan to use their Golf on a daily basis.

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While undoubtedly best known for its range of spring and damper upgrades, the ST Suspensions range also contains a smattering of related products, all built to the same exacting standards as the aforementioned springs and dampers. The range opens with a rear Anti-Roll Bar (ARB) designed for those Golfs with two-wheel drive and Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) layouts, including both hatchback and estate variants. Not only will the ST ARB link both sides of the car together and provide enhanced stability while cornering in a committed fashion, it has been proven to minimise load differences between the inner and outer wheel, which in turn increases the amount of time the tyre remains in contact with the road and therefore provides enhanced levels of traction.

ST VW Golf VII GTI 001 ST Suspensions Range for Mk7 Golf GTD GTI and Clubsport

Last but not least, ST Suspensions can also supply a spacer package for the GTD, GTI and Clubsport, with 25mm of extra width per axle and a PCD of 5×112. ST’s offering differs from the many other spacer kits on the market, in that it contains both high quality hub-centric spacers and a selection of hub-centric adapter plates. These composite plates don’t just look fantastic, they’re the product of an intense design process focused on eliminating any trace of ‘play’ or excess space between the hub and the spacer itself, evidence of which can be seen in their tapered design. The pairing of hub-centric adapter plates and multi-fitment spacer effectively results in a single component that’s tailored to the MK7 Golf, eliminating any trace of play between the wheel and hub assembly.

ST’s suspension products are designed with British roads and weather in mind, meaning that they’re built tough, able to shrug off road grime, salt and everything else that Britain’s inclement weather can throw at them. The firm’s Mk7 Golf springs are made from chrome silicone steel in a cold winding process, before being coated in an ultra-tough, long lasting layer of epoxy which ensures OEM levels of quality and finish, while the dampers sports a hard wearing, weather resistant finish. Both the rear ARB and the spacer kit are equally well prepared for a life spent in the elements, with a salt and water resistant coating and a strong yet lightweight composite construction.

Taken as a whole, the quartet of ST Suspension offerings covered above represent perhaps the most complete set of chassis upgrades currently available for the Golf in its various forms, and they should therefore be considered by anyone serious about enhancing the driving experience offered by their Mk7.

ST Suspensions spring kit – £160.00 inc. VAT (28210166B)
ST Suspensions spring and damper kit – £450.00 inc. VAT (23210166B)
ST Suspensions rear ARB – £130.00 in. VAT (53050532)
ST Suspensions spacer package – £225.00 inc. VAT (56050135BL)

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