56050134BL.2 628x356 ST Suspensions Release Further Details Of New Hub Centric Spacer Kit For VW T5/6

ST Suspensions Release Further Details Of New Hub-Centric Spacer Kit For VW T5/6

Hot on the heels of a slew of new product releases aimed at key section of the modified car community, ST Suspensions has just taken the wraps off a new spacer kit for the ever popular VW T5 and T6 Transporters. The kit in question builds upon ST’s excellent record for producing class leading suspension systems for all manner of high performance machines, while the 4 spacers themselves are a handy 15mm in width. The kit also contains a quartet of ST adapters and 20 ST wheel bolts, allowing it to fit all Transporters built from 2003 onwards.

The VW T5 and T6 have risen to become far more than mere work hacks and family hold-alls, they’re now cult automotive intuitions backed up by an impressively large (not to mention diverse) community of owners and tuners. The sheer ubiquity of the VW Transporter means that there’s no shortage of options when it comes to suspension and aftermarket wheels, yet ST’s latest offering is without doubt the most complete, one which will allow T5 and T6 owners to fit a wide selection of brake setups and aftermarket alloys.

ST Suspensions has worked hard to create a range of spacers for every conceivable brand of car, something which has led it to develop the highly regarded DZX Spacer System, of which its latest offering for the VW Transporter range is a part. The Spacer System allows for OE levels of fit and finish thanks to its combination of high quality hub-centric spacers in a selection of widths, plus a selection of hub-centric adaptor plates. These composite plates don’t just look fantastic, they’re the product of an intense design process focused on eliminating any trace of ‘play’ or excess space between the hub and the spacer itself, evidence of which can be seen in their tapered design. It goes without saying that this is not something that can be said of regular, ‘common or garden’ adaptors, or as they’re more commonly known, spigot rings.

56050134BL.1 ST Suspensions Release Further Details Of New Hub Centric Spacer Kit For VW T5/6

The upshot of the mechanism covered above is that ST Spacer kits, including this one for the VW T5 and T6, will fit in a manner which has to be seen to be truly appreciated. The pairing of hub-centric adaptor plates and multi-fitment spacer effectively results in a single component that’s tailored to your specific make and model of car, eliminating any trace of play between the wheel and hub assembly. This means that Transporter owners can safely and simply extend the track of their vehicles by a full 15mm, in turn allowing them greater freedom when it comes to wheel and brake choice.

ST’s spacer kit ships with everything required for a swift and straightforward installation process, namely the aforementioned spacer discs and adaptors, plus 20 high quality ST wheel bolts.

It’s important to note that ST Suspensions has a close working relationship with the suspension gurus at KW Automotive. Indeed, ST was borne out of KW’s desire to cater for a wider section of the suspension market, and the former is able to make full use of the latter’s industry standard facilities and engineers when it comes to developing its products. It ensures that those purchasing ST parts are actually buying some of the best suspension components commercially available, and all at a very competitive price point.

It’s hard to deny that ST Suspensions latest offering ticks all the boxes for those VW T5 and T6 owners seeking to stand out from the heard. The kit itself is exquisitely designed and comes jam-packed with innovative thinking, all of it designed to ensure a perfect, OE-rivalling levels of fit, making it suitable for high performance applications.

ST Suspensions VW Transporter T5/T6 Spacer Package
Price: £150.00 + VAT – 56050314BO
X4 ST Spacer discs (15mm)
X4 ST Adaptors
X20 ST wheel bolts

For more information, please click to http://www.kwsuspensions.co.uk/

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