Stealth Series Motor Mounts, TSI Specific Torque Arm Insert

stealth mount complete kit Stealth Series Motor Mounts, TSI Specific Torque Arm Insert In a continuing effort to bring the best selection of aftermarket motor mount options to the VW and Audi community, Black Forest Industries has finalized production on two more products that are now ready for market.

As a complement to the already hugely popular .5 Polyurethane Motor Mount Kits, BFI has developed a more street friendly application for those seeking to retain factory-like levels of comfort in their 4 cylinder applications. Whereas before vibrations were slightly more noticeable as compared to 6 cylinder applications these Stealth Series Polyurethane Mounts are specifically designed to give increased performance without compromise in 2.0l ABA applications. These mounts will also perform much better than stock in VR6 applications for those seeking maximum comfort. Constructed from solid gravity cast polyurethane and NOT made from rubber like the factory pieces ensures an extremely long product life that will not break down over time.

In an effort to keep up with Volkswagen’s constant production changes BFI has just released a revised version of the already successful Torque Arm Insert for the MK5/Passat/A3/Tiguan. Due to revisions in the mount design for the recently released TSI Motors BFI was forced to completely redesign the Torque Arm Insert to ensure proper fitment and performance. The result is an exacting fit engineered to provide noticeable increases in performance designed specifically for you motor.


pinit fg en rect gray 20 Stealth Series Motor Mounts, TSI Specific Torque Arm Insert

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